Are There Any Sith Left in Star Wars?

Are There Any Sith Left in Star Wars?

Are There Any Sith Left in Star Wars?

Are there any more Sith Lords in the Star Wars universe? Does Palpatine have another cloning facility that might still be working? Are there any other Sith Lords that exist as Force ghosts on other worlds? Those are just a few of the many questions that might be asked when it comes to the future of Star Wars and the easily recognized villains that have been the bane of the Jedi and are the reason why the Jedi Order has been nearly extinguished a few times. But following the Rise of Skywalker, it’s fair to question just how many Sith are left in the galaxy and whether or not Palpatine might have had other contingencies waiting in the wings to activate once he was defeated. The fact that Palpatine uttered “I am all the Sith” might make a lot of people figure that the Sith are now gone, that every dark sider has been exterminated and used for one final push that failed. That thought feels a little short-sighted, but it’s interesting to see how things might progress in the years to come. 

Right now it sounds as though the focus is going to be given to other stories that have less to do with the Sith and Jedi conflict, and there’s a plus to this since it does manage to send the message that there’s much more to the Star Wars universe than the old conflict that took center stage when George Lucas first brought the idea to the big screen. Rogue Squadron is still an idea that a lot of people would like to see since it creates a story that exists in the same universe but doesn’t depend so heavily on the mystical aspects that people have enjoyed for so long. The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett have also managed to bring about a different look to Star Wars, as has the movie Rogue One, which makes it obvious that while Jedi and Sith are still very desired within one story or another, they don’t need to be the focal point of the story at all times. 

But what this means for the future of Star Wars is uncertain since looking at the Legends canon makes it clear that there will always be dark side Force-users since the temptation to use the Force rather than be one with it will likely always exist. There’s been plenty of talk concerning the real balance within the Star Wars universe, and one note of understanding is that the Sith are just as necessary as the Jedi, and neither side ever has anything right since they’re both offshoots of the Force, based on belief systems that have fractured even further over the years as there aren’t just two absolute groups that exist any longer. Take Ahsoka Tano for instance, she’s not a Jedi, but she uses the Force with a great deal of skill and wisdom that doesn’t cling entirely to the Jedi Order but was built up by it. Kylo Ren wasn’t a Sith Lord, but the tenets that gave rise to his and Snoke’s power and reputation came from the Sith. Well, Kylo combined his Jedi training with the dark side training that he adopted later on, but the fact is that every Jedi and Sith, no matter what they became before their demise, was taught by one of the two main groups. 

The fans know that the Jedi still exist, as Rey is proof of that, and there’s a good chance that the order would be built up again. But then, what about the Sith? One thing that would be great to see in the years to come would be that the Sith are not only still around, but would go to war with themselves once again as they did back in the days before Darth Bane took power. It would indicate that things come in cycles and that the Star Wars universe is one big cycle of events that are bound to happen, again and again, changing with each rendition as each story contributes to the chaotic tale of the universe in which it exists. A lot of fans would love to see that the Sith have survived, that Palpatine was, as usual, showing his arrogance and ignorance when it comes to believing that he’s the ultimate power in the universe. 

That would be the hope of course. Thinking that Palpatine is the ultimate Sith is easy for a lot of people since his level of power and the manipulative effects that he’s been seen to employ over the years are skillful enough to fool quite a few people. But despite being so powerful and so capable when it comes to battling multiple opponents in many different ways, Palpatine is still possessed of a superiority complex that makes him blind to several things that he thinks are insignificant. It’s this reason that makes it easier to believe that other Sith are waiting to be discovered. 

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