Ant-Man 3 Will Be Bringing Back YellowJacket

So it’s more of a rumor at this point that Darren Cross, played by Corey Stoll, will be showing up in Ant-Man 3, but there’s a good chance that it could happen since one can imagine that death is losing its grip on some characters thanks to the ability to come up with different ways to describe how they survived. In the first Ant-Man movie it did appear that Cross had died since his suit malfunctioned, but perhaps there’s a possibility that, like Scott, Cross simply continued to shrink without stopping. Or perhaps he entered the Quantum zone and hasn’t found a way back yet, meaning he’s still alive but unable to do much other than simply survive. It’s tough to say for certain, but a lot of people are speculating that Yellowjacket could be making his way back into the MCU somehow, as the idea that Darren Cross hates Scott and Hank Pym so much that his rage would be enough to sustain him. It would be pretty cool to see the villain return, perhaps with even more motivation to do whatever he can to gain his revenge. He might need a few repairs to his suit though. 

It’s already been established that Kang the Conqueror should be showing up, so perhaps he’ll have something to do with Cross’ return, or perhaps he’ll use the villain as his stooge somehow. All of this is simply theory at this point since this rumor has been making the rounds and getting a lot of folks worked up as they try to divine just whether or not it’s true. The one thing about guesses and theories in the MCU is that they can be entirely misleading, as WandaVision taught us not long ago. What we think might be coming might not happen at all since it might be just a big tease that is meant to bring something or someone else into the mix. 

But it would be fun to see Cross return since it would be another challenge for Scott and Hope to take on. It’s funny since Yellowjacket was at one time in the comics another name that Hank Pym went by since he tried out a few different hero names over the years. The old Yellowjacket wasn’t quite the same though since the suit wasn’t the same, and this was the name that Pym took when he’d been exposed to a few unknown gases that altered his mental state. He even claimed, as Yellowjacket, that he’d killed Pym and kidnapped Janet van Dyne. So essentially, Pym wasn’t in his right mind when he became Yellowjacket, and in the comics, it would appear that the title has changed hands a few times. But in the MCU, the character of Darren Cross is fully in control of himself as we’ve seen to be in complete control of himself and is fully aware of what he’s doing. Darren’s idea is to use the power and influence he has to make as much as he can and possibly revel in the power that the suit gives him. Plus, the fact that Hank Pym couldn’t see or share in his vision is a huge stumbling block as well. 

Another fight between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket would be interesting to see now that they’ve taken each other’s measure, and it’s fair to say that if Darren Cross does come back he’ll be seeking a way to keep Scott out of his suit this time around, and might take other measures that could make his suit nearly impregnable. If we don’t see him then this and many other articles will have been for nothing, but with so many people reporting on this matter, it does feel as though it might have some validity to it. Yellowjacket is a decent enough character that ditching him after one movie would be kind of dismissive, but finding a way to bring him back should hopefully be given a great deal of care and attention since otherwise, it could feel a bit cheesy and not really worth the effort. Changing his appearance or perhaps giving him an upgrade, anything that could make him different enough and yet keep the same suit and overall attitude, would likely work. 

The MCU does have a habit of using some of the best enemies only once and then ditching them. The Red Skull, Ivan Vanko, Yellowjacket, and several others have proven to be good enough for one use and that’s it, though it would appear that a couple have at least been given consideration when it comes to returning. The argument that there are a lot of enemies in Marvel’s history to unveil is real enough, but getting rid of people in such a fashion does feel like it might need to be re-thought at one point or another. 

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