Animated Versus: Luke Skywalker VS Neo from The Matrix

Animated Versus: Luke Skywalker VS Neo from The Matrix

Cute as this is, and it is kind of funny, there have been people trying to figure out who would win in a fight between Luke Skywalker and Neo from The Matrix. The only problem here is that these are two very different individuals and while both are very powerful, they’re also quite different in their skill sets, especially since one is more powerful when encountered outside of the Matrix, while the other is more powerful when he’s IN the Matrix. The best way to say this is that if Luke encountered Neo outside the Matrix, where Neo has little to no real power over anything but machines, which is limited, Luke would take this fight quickly and without much trouble. Inside the Matrix is a different matter though since not only would Luke probably be disoriented, considering that this isn’t his usual preferred battlefield, but this is where Neo can do pretty much anything he wants. The guy has stopped bullets, outrun an explosion, and has beaten on Agents relentlessly since learning how to harness his abilities. Even the most seasoned crew member from Zion couldn’t do half of what Neo could, which means that as the anomaly, or the One, he’s one of the most powerful individuals in the Matrix. And yet, he’s not infallible since he couldn’t escape the terminal in the third movie until Trinity convinced the Merovingian to release him.

But obviously from the look of this scribbled clip, we’re talking about Luke vs. Neo in the Matrix, where Neo is insanely tough and has a great deal of power to call upon. Luke shouldn’t be counted out right off the bat since his mind is strong and he’s capable of learning pretty quickly if he has to. But if we’re talking about Luke as a novice and farmboy then yes, Neo would stomp the life out of him pretty easily. If we’re talking about the Master Jedi Luke Skywalker then the fight becomes a little more difficult since thanks to his training and his mental acuity it does feel as though Luke might seek to take advantage of the Matrix in a manner that would negate some of Neo’s advantages given that the Force, since it appears to be accessible even in the Matrix, could be used to help him out. But those that want to state that Neo could do this same thing are right since he could. He has control of the Matrix, to a degree. The problem with this is that as we’ve seen in the movies, the Matrix will fight back, meaning that Neo and Luke might become quick allies if Agents were summoned to take care of them both. That’s the thing about those that turn out to be heroes, they do tend to find a common enemy at times.

Deciding which heroes are strongest isn’t such an odd pastime since it’s kind of normal for people to do when wondering just how strong their favorite characters are and what kind of issues they could tackle when it comes to taking on one character or another. And to be fair, it’s not like heroes haven’t fought in the past as it is, since teams have fallen out of favor with some of their members, various heroes have stepped on each other’s toes in a metaphorical sense, and sometimes irritation can get the best of a person since a lot of heroes tend to do things in ways that other heroes might not like. The Punisher is a good example, and Wolverine used to be another one, but Neo and Luke Skywalker are two heroic characters that have very different styles and very different situations since Luke had to grow up quickly fighting against a tyrannical empire that threw legions of soldiers at the Rebellion he fought for, while Neo was a product of the machine and had to learn how to harness the power that was his by birthright to break free of the Matrix and to bring peace to the people of Zion in order to end the cycle that his birth had kept going for so long. So they both had a cause to fight for, and in a sense, they both wanted to make life better for the people who they were fighting for, which means the main difference was the location and the manner in which their story played out since their motives were pretty similar.

But sticking to the subject at hand. Neo is almost all-powerful while in the Matrix, and as a result, he could likely stomp Luke more often than not, though Skywalker might put up a decent fight. In the real world though, where they both reside, Luke takes this fight quite often since Neo no longer has access to his power and for Luke, the Force is always with him.

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