Animated Series Based on Diablo Video Game is in the Works at Netflix

Animated Series Based on Diablo Video Game is in the Works at Netflix

Animated Series Based on Diablo Video Game is in the Works at Netflix

Those that have played the game Diablo know very well that the idea of the fantasy game is something that is kind of hard to take in just by one player’s experience since there have been literally millions of people that have gone online to play this game throughout the years. With so many classes to pick from and so many adventures to go on the game is something that’s unique in its own way when it comes to the level of gameplay and the style that is enjoyed by so many. But given that Netflix has had a great deal of success with the game-related Castlevania, it would seem that Diablo is the next logical game to start working on since it’s one of the many that offers a very wide range of possibilities that could become rather interesting to viewers given that the many different classes could be brought in by the showrunner and creator.

How it would go however is all dependent on which classes and which narrative would dominate since the great thing is that the story doesn’t deviate for any one person. How you play the game and what outcome you reach is only varied when it comes to the routes that people take with their very generic characters and how they decide to focus on building them. The world around them doesn’t change that much aside from who’s playing and what magical items a person finds or creates. But seeing as how it would be impossible to put personal creations into the animated version it does seem likely that we might see some items and characters that people recognize and will enjoy.

If you’re not familiar with Diablo it might make sense if we look at Diablo 2 as a possible template since many people would still agree that this is one of the most popular versions for the PC and the one that has really sparked a lot of interest for many people thanks to its online platform. The characters include an assassin, an amazon, a barbarian, a druid, a necromancer, a paladin, and a sorceress. There are many other characters within the game but these seven are those that can be played by the gamers. These are also the heroes of the game and as such are no doubt those that are going to be focused upon. When you look at their power sets and abilities it’s kind of impressive to be certain since if a player follows a certain path they can emerge as a rather powerful character in the game. The sorceress, barbarian, and even the necromancer have been among the favored characters of the game for a long time since they can do a massive amount of damage and depending on their attacks can decimate opponents from long range or up close. The necromancer is particularly deadly since his powers include dominion over the dead, which at some points in the game become rather important.

But another reason this might become something of a hit when it reaches Netflix could be that the story is very progressive and, as those who have played the game could tell you, the story only gets more and more difficult with the passage of each level. As the characters continue to get stronger the bad guys do too, until the weakest bad guy at the highest level has the capability of taking down low-level characters with barely any effort. As if this wasn’t bad enough, in the game there are three different modes that the player can go through, as they will experience the game in an easy, moderate, and hellish experience that seems almost impossible to beat. How the creator will implement this, or if he will at all, is going to be interesting to see since the Hell mode includes a wide list of creatures that are invulnerable to various types of attacks and/or magic, thereby negating a great number of abilities that each character possesses.

Bringing this to Netflix makes a lot more sense than trying to bring it to the big screen since thanks to the success of Castlevania it would seem that Diablo would make good on streaming network as well given that it’s a rich and diverse story, but it’s also something that isn’t quite ready for the big screen, especially given how much content there is and how much character and world development would be needed in order to really make it shine the way it deserves. If Diablo is successful then it should be because it’s been given the room to grow and expand as it needs and isn’t being hemmed in just by one perspective. The characters are simply too many and the world in which this story exists is too entertaining to do anything less.

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