Days of Our Lives Recap: Andre Finds His Father

days of our lives recap

Friday on Days of Our Lives, we see a few of the most interesting storylines take a bit of a change in pace. Andre did not back down on Friday. He spent the entire episode working to find his father’s murderer; because he knows that his father is gone. He knows it beyond a shadow of a doubt. He tells Chad about it, but Chad doesn’t seem to care all that much. Andre takes Chad to the house and shows him the blood, Chad points out that it’s not that much of a big deal. However, when the misplaced chess piece is mentioned, Chad seems to take a bit more notice of the situation. When Andre tells him that he is absolutely convinced that Stefano is dead at the hands of Hope, Chad takes off to her house to confront her.

Hope and Ciara had been on the couch together, reading and planning for a gathering for Ciara. When Ciara goes upstairs to do a few things on her own, the doorbell rings. Hope answers to see Chad standing there telling her that Andre is trying to pin Stefano’s murder on her and that he will try to have her back if only she can promise she had nothing to do with it. Hope quickly agrees by telling Chad there is no way she could have had anything to do with it. Unfortunately for Hope, her daughter overheard the entire exchange and is now worried for her mother. When everyone wakes up in the morning for school, Ciara tells her mother she’d like the family to leave town with Rafe for a while. Hope does not want Rafe coming, but Ciara waits until her mother is not around and calls him to discuss the plan with him herself.

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Andre, however, will not back down. He is certain that he knows where to find his father’s body after his thugs give him some information about a change in Rafe’s driving habits during the day, so he goes to an abandoned building that is set to be demolished before much longer. When he gets there, he wanders around for a while before he calls Chad and tells him where he is. His idea is to get Chad there so that they can search together, but he continues to wander around for a while during the time he’s waiting for Chad to arrive. The last time we see Andre on Friday is when he stumbles upon the body of his father. He was right, and now he is determined to see Hope go down for the murder of Stefano. However, there is a rumor that he will not be able to do that because something shocking will happen next week.

In Vegas, Philip is horrified to learn that Belle lost money in the casino and had it charged to his credit card on the room. He’s not pleased, but he likes Belle and wants to start a relationship with her. He wants her to stay with him, but she tells him she just can’t. She reminds him that she has a job and a daughter and she has to get back to Salem for her responsibilities. He continues to try and she continues to rebuff him. She breaks down and tells him how alone and miserable she was in her marriage and he simply tells her that she should be with him and not worry about Shawn. They later arrived back to Salem where they kiss one more time before they part ways. That’s when Shawn shows up and begins questioning her about Philip. They discuss their marriage and her hurt, and they decide to talk about it at a later date since Belle simply does not know what she wants right now.

On Friday, we also learned that Philip is no longer interested in taking down his father. He meets with his Uncle Deimos and decides to tell him he wants out. However, Deimos does not allow that and Philip will have no choice but to continue to work with him to destroy Victor. We assume he must have something on Philip if he is going to use him like that and force him to help with this father’s take down.

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