An iCarly Revival Series is Happening at Paramount Plus

An iCarly Revival Series is Happening at Paramount Plus

It will have been about 9 years since the public managed to see any new material from iCarly when it opens up in 2021, and it does sound as though plenty of people are wanting to see more of the popular show at this point since it’s going to be back on the air and streaming for whoever wants to see eventually. Quite a few of us were probably a little older when iCarly really got going and weren’t quite as interested in watching the show, but it did catch on with young viewers that took to the show quite easily since the main premise had to do with young people detailing the challenges and triumphs in their lives with the aid of technology and as a result, this kind of helped a lot of kids to relate since let’s be honest, those of us that were growing up before the internet became a huge thing probably looked at this show and laughed, thinking that the kids didn’t know what hardships and challenges really were. It’s okay, each generation that claims this is usually looked at by previous generations and scoffed at since like it or not, hardships vary from generation to generation, and just about every generation will tell those that come after them that they don’t know what hard really is. The truth is, and it’s been showcased on many TV programs, hardships vary, and discounting any of them isn’t the wisest thing to do.

Seeing what the group has been up to in the years since the show was concluded could be interesting since there’s bound to be a lot of story material that can be worked with and if the entire cast does manage to come back it could be enough to get fans to take a look and to get the attention of new viewers that are growing up in a continuously changing technological era. It’s also intriguing to think of how the story might change to accommodate all the time that’s passed and what might have been going on in the lives of the main cast. Then there’s the thought of any new cast members being introduced and what comes of that. Whether this will be a reboot or a continuation isn’t entirely certain since the word ‘reboot’ is being tossed around time and again, and people have begun to wonder just what is really going on since too many words are being tossed around casually and without any real meaning these days, and a reboot is definitely one of them.

One of the biggest problems is that the term ‘reboot’ in TV could mean a return to the original program after it was canceled or wrapped up, or it could mean a complete overhaul of the original series that will see something entirely new and at least a little different being rolled out. In this case, people tend to confuse the words ‘reboot’ and ‘remake’ quite often. I can personally admit to not knowing of iCarly in the first place when it was first popular, as working in a Toys R Us, yes, the now-defunct toy store, I saw the first iCarly merchandise I’d ever seen and was greatly confused by what this was. But after watching about five minutes of the show it became clear what it was, and why kids were so crazy about it. Where the shows back in the 80s and 90s catered to those of us that enjoyed the technology of the day, iCarly did the same for those that were born in the late 90s and 2000s, satisfying their need for a show that understood them and the technology they’d grown up with. Those of us that watched iCarly grow into the show it became, or simply noticed in our peripheral vision, might have shaken our heads and thought it was another fad, but while the show did start to lose in the rating game, it was still quite popular with quite a few young kids.

Every generation has their favorite shows and ideas, and iCarly definitely filled this role for many kids not long ago. It’s going to be interesting to see just what happens when it’s brought back since it’s easy to think that some fans of the show that have grown up at this point might actually want to watch just to see what’s happened and remember the good times. It does feel as though the show might be able to target today’s youth as well in much the same fashion as it did years ago since while the technology has changed in just under a decade, much of what the show displayed is still fairly pertinent. Things do change after all, but they don’t always change so quickly that people can’t keep up with the times.

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