An Exoskeleton Suit that Basically Turns You Into Iron Man

An Exoskeleton Suit that Basically Turns You Into Iron Man

If you thought that the movie Iron Man was a fiction that could never happen in real life, you might have been correct.  Then again, much of the technology of the suit may be available much much sooner than you think.  ‘suitX’ creates flexible exoskeleton suits that can be adapted for a variety of different workplace tasks.  It’s a lightweight suit that’s able to give you “super strength.”  These suits are said to make things like manual labor up to 60% easier.

The suits are mainly intended for industrial workers but the suits are designed to handle virtually any kind of activity.  The exoskeleton suit is compose of three modular suits, “backX,” “shoulderX,” and “legX.”  The company has also designed a suit for people who have limited mobility.   That suit is called the “PhoeniX.”   The suit helps people stand upright and be mobile.  The company is hoping that all the suits will increase quality of life by decreasing body strain.

Now that we know it’s practical uses.  Let’s get impractical.  What if a football player wore one of these things?  Just how much weight are we talking about here?  If you think other people aren’t looking at this suit and thinking “Iron Man” think again.  It’s only a matter of time.

Check out the video below:

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