American Pickers: How to Shop at Antique Archaeology

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe have redefined hunting for junk: such artistry can actually generate commercial value. The pair, on their History Channel show known as American Pickers, travel across the United States while in pursuit of antique items that they can bring with them back home. You will definitely fancy a visit to one Antique Archaeology store if you like the unusual pieces of memorabilia that Fritz and Wolfe look for on their long-running show. The stores are basically well-curated spaces that the two use to spruce up and sell their antique collections to the public.

Antiques can also play a pivotal role in any house. It does not matter whether you like big pieces like tables or chairs or if you seek smaller accents of your house. Either way, the antique archaeology store has exactly what you require. Some of the valuable items that you might find at the store include silverware, jadeite, and antique guitars.

Antique Archaeology Store Locations

Keen followers of the American Pickers show understand that the first Antique Archaeology store was situated in Iowa. Wolfe invested in a public store in 2000. His love for vintage junk, however, dates back to when he was younger. According to a profile on AOL, his love for antique junk can be traced to his childhood: when he was still plucking unwanted stuff from the trash cans.

So as to fully stock his newly found love, Wolfe would head out and search for items that might have some nice historical value. His childhood friend, Mr. Frank Fritz would often move with him. A mutual friend suggested to Wolfe that he should consider filming his picking trips. Eventually, the American Pickers show was born. With time, Wolfe managed to expand to another location in Nashville.

The first store, located in LeClaire, Iowa, is situated at 115 Davenport Street. The place is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM through 5 PM and Sundays from 11 AM through 4 PM. The store is filled with some really good picks as shown on the show and other new merchandise. LeClaire is quite a small town located north of the Quad cities along the Mississippi River. The exact location is about three hours from Chicago and two hours from Iowa if you are driving.

The Nashville store is located at 300 Clinton Street, Suite 130: a few blocks from an old Automobile factory. The store is fitted with Restoration Lighting, new merchandise, and antique equipment. The place is, moreover, open from 11 A.M. through to 4 P.M. on Sundays and from 10 AM through 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. Wolfe currently resides in Tennessee with his kin; this is, therefore, the best place to visit if you hope to spot one of your TV stars.

While Fritz and Wolfe might seem to be partners on the TV show, they are not partners on the business side. Fritz, for this matter, owns his own antique shop in Savanna, Illinois. The store is referred to as Frank Fritz Finds.

Antique Archaeology has invested in an online shop. Do not, however, expect to find many antique items for sale on the online store. According to the establishment, availability of antique items is not in abundance since most items sell quite fast in the physical store before they are advertised online. You can, however, purchase vintage archaeology gear, like hats, bandanas, and t-shirts online. Items for kids and vintage-style housewares are also sold via the website.

Have Mike Pick your Stuff

Fans of the American Pickers show realize that Mike loves motorcycles. People who have old bikes that they wish to sell should consider submitting their information online to see if Mike will be interested in buying it. If your close relative, such as your uncle or grandpa, has an old store full of vintage items, you should consider letting the guys at Antique Archaeology know by sending a pick. Moreover, you can bring items, which you hope to sell directly to Antique Archaeology, straight to the store during the previously mentioned hours or emailing a few pictures. The stores request that you should not send any unsolicited objects via mail directly to the shop and they will return such items to the sender unopened.

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