American Horror Story: Asylum 2.02 – The Devil You Know…

American Horror Story: Asylum 2.02Holy Shut The Front Door! American Horror Story: Asylum took another hit of whatever ganja it is smoking and delivered a serious “balls to the wall” episode that featured a serial killer, sadism, an escape attempt, two demonic possessions, and a reveal about Sister Jude that left lower jaws glued to the floor. Jeez, American Horror Story, can we catch our breath for a minute?

The Bloody Face Story Continues

Teresa (Jenna Dewan Tatum) was still running for her life in the now abandoned Briarcliff Asylum with a still ticking Bloody Face hot on her heels. When Teresa tried to pull a surprisingly still breathing Leo (Adam Levine) into the cell where Leo was attacked to escape Bloody Face, the legendary killer caught up to the two and quickly dispatched of Leo, while Teresa watched from the door slot in horror. If Leo survived that stabbing, then Adam Levine is practically Superman at this point.

Flashback to 1964 where Wendy (Clea Duvall) cried profusely over betraying Lana while her two lesbian friends kept her company. After turning down a group of early trick or treaters (Halloween was the next day), Wendy was left home alone once her friends went home. Later after a shower, the school teacher’s luck took a serious turn for the worse as she was killed by a very free Bloody Face, who was clearly not Kit.

So that’s one question off the list of growing inquiries American Horror Story: Asylum has thrown at us early in the game. And that’s just before the credits…

The Devil Comes to Briarcliff

Tonight, we met Dr. Oliver Thredson, a clinical psychiatrist ordered by the state to confirm or deny Kit’s sanity. But in his short time there, Dr. Thredson was appalled at the conditions of Briarcliff, which included wrongful corporeal punishment and electroshock treatment (more on that later). Sister Jude was not a fan of Dr. Thredson and made her utmost duty to tell the good doctor where he could stuff his clinical studies whenever her questioned the asylum’s practices.

However, as we would learn throughout the episode, Dr. Thredson was hard to scare away and shoe-horned his way into a new Briarcliff patient named Jed Potter, whose parents believe is possessed by the devil. After recounting the story of how they found their son covered in blood after he disemboweled the family cow and speaking in a language and dialect of the demonic kind, the parents, Dr. Thredson, and Sister Jude visit the boy, who was clearly one with a demon. But Dr. Thredson still felt that this man needed the help of top physicians at the local hospital. Maybe Sister Jude and brood should admit this dumbass to their collection of crazies…

Mosignor Howard arrived later and despite Dr. Thresdon voicing his opinions against exorcisms and Jed’s condition, he appointed Thredson to be a part of the procedure since it is required for someone in the medical field to be in attendance during the exorcism. Another older priest shows up and welcomed the Thredson’s skepticism. What the older priest didn’t welcome was the presence of a woman, aka Sister Jude, during the exorcism, because such a procedure held no place for a woman. American Horror Story: Asylum 2.02Wow, AHS:A wasn’t short on the ignorance on tonight’s episode…

As Monsignor Timothy, the older priest, and Thredson battled the beast inside Jed, the demon thrashed and bucked on the bed, making slurs and epithets that would make Regan MacNeil proud. While all of this was going down, the demon managed to make the lights go out in the main ward, unlocking the patients’ rooms in the process (more on that later).  In the midst of the battle, the demon violently slung the elder priest against the wall, killing him. After taking the dead priest to the infirmary for his last rites, Monsignor Timothy asked Sister Jude to watch the demon from outside the cell and to only talk to God. Once the Monsignor left, Jed cried for help, which Sister Jude couldn’t ignore. Once she got to him, the demon returned and read Sister Jude’s past like an open library.

Turned out that Sister Jude was freaky cougar in her day, who loved the color red and singing in the middle of a bar for soldiers. After a night of drinks and debauchery, Sister Jude was driving home when she hit a little girl with the same blue coat we saw in many of the teasers and poster! The demon taunted Sister Jude by calling her a murderer who was lusting for the Monsignor at that very moment. The demon was far from spilling all of Sister Jude’s T, but Dr. Thredson had enough and sedated Jed/The Demon, sending Jed into a seizure type shock.

Sister Mary Eunice found Sister Jude to tell her about the patient uprising, but was drawn to the exorcism. The demon, still flashing about, stopped suddenly and made intense eye contact with Sister Mary Eunice, who, as if by an invisible force, suddenly fainted on the ground while Jed died on the hospital bed. Hmmm…

The next day after the exorcism, Dr. Arden visited Sister Mary Eunice at her hospital bed in the infirmary and he noticed a) how he wasn’t used to seeing her without her uniform and b) how Mary Eunice’s lack of clothes were giving him the vapors, which weren’t helping matters since he was going to feel her up while she slept anyway. What he didn’t notice was that there was something up with Sister Mary Eunice, who managed to swipe a crucifix off the wall by the fling of her blanket. Seems like the demon has found a new home and is ready and set to raise even more hell in Briarcliff.

There’s Something About Dr. Arden…

While retrieving the baskets in the forest from the “creatures,” Sister Mary Eunice was visited by Dr. Arden, who clearly has a thing for the naïve woman. What type of thing that may be is another story. Mary Eunice asked Dr. Arden again about what ‘the creatures’ were exactly, but the demented scientist only told her that she would find out soon enough. He then asked Mary Eunice if she kept his secret from Sister Jude (which she replied, “yes.”) before offering her a caramel candy apple for being a great help to him. Sister Mary Eunice declined it several times, citing Sister Jude’s quote about candy being the door to sin. But once Dr. Arden technically barked for her to take it, she takes a bite out of the thing. On the way back into Briarcliff, s forlorn Shelly saw the two from her window walking back into Briarcliff.

American Horror Story: Asylum 2.02Later as Dr. Arden was leaving the building, Shelly approached him for a chance to go outside for 5 minutes in exchange for sex. Disgusted, Dr. Arden called Shelly a whore, and the nympho took offense to the name, telling her life story of how she was sexually awakened at a seriously early age. She then recounted how her husband used to sleep around every night, but once she had her own threesome with other men, he decked her on sight and threw her in Briarcliff. Dr. Arden, still not deterred, added insult to injury by telling Shelly that he made him sick before calling her a whore again.

However, Shelly must have had some effect on Dr. Arden, because later that night he ordered a prostitute to have dinner with him and to screw around with later. The woman tried to talk dirty to set the mood, but Dr. Arden shut that type of talk down with the quickness, setting a mood of his own in the process: sheer creepiness.

Later, Dr. Arden had the woman put on a nun’s outfit (insert your WTF level of weirdness here). While the woman (knowing full well that this wasn’t an average job) changed in Arden’s bedroom, she came across photos of women bound, gagged, and some mutilated (?) on Arden’s dresser. She freaked and Arden barged into the room and forced the woman on his bed. She managed to kick him in his balls before bailing out the room, nun costume and all. What the hell was up with that?!

You Think You Know Someone

While Wendy was getting hacked to pieces by Bloody Face, Lana had Sister Jude to worry about as the domineering nun confiscated notes Lana had made about the asylum. After Lana declared how she had a vivid memory, Sister Jude turned to Dr. Arden to administer electroshock treatment on Lana so that the feisty reporter won’t even remember what color panties she was wearing at the moment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Thredson evaluated Kit to see if he was fit for trial. Kit knew that if he stood by the truth, which was the aliens, then he was going to stay in Briarcliff; if not, then he would be fit to stand trial for Alma’s death and all of Bloody Face’s murder victims. Kit stuck with his story and Dr. Thredson labeled him insane.

Afterwards, Kit met with Grace and the two discussed escaping the place, while Lana eavesdropped into the conversation. It looked as if Lana had lost some of her memory, but nothing of importance. At least that was how it seemed to me. Later, Lana talked with Grace about escaping the asylum, which Grace declared was simply impossible. Lana then revealed the chute tunnel which got her in the asylum and Grace was all ears. But once the French woman mentioned bringing Kit with them, Lana was horrified and demanded that Kit had to stay behind, because he was Bloody Face and belonged in Briarcliff. Uh oh…

Grace vouched for Kit, promising Lana that the former gas station attendee was no criminal. Lana, however, had already formed her opinion based on the little facts she had gathered in the short period, which was probably why she was doing the bakery section of the paper in the first place. But I digress…

Before Sister Jude’s emergency lights out was initiated for the exorcism, Lana had written a few notes on how to escape. When the guards arrived to take the patients back to their respective rooms, Kit swiped Lana’s notes against her wishes, but he did it so she wouldn’t have the confiscated in the morning and be put into further trouble. Once the demon knocked out the lights and the doors open, Lana and Grace make a run for it. They bump into Kit along the way and while Lana made it clear again that she’s not going anywhere with Kit, Grace ignored her and dragged Kit to the exit. It is here where I wish my TV had a handle on the screen for me to open it and snatch a knot in Lana’s butt. She decided to alert the guards of Kit’s escape, ruining all their chances of ever escaping the hell that is Briarcliff. What. The. Hell?!?!

The next day, Sister Jude commended Lana on being honest and doing the righteous thing in reporting Kit and Grace’s escape attempt. For her good behavior, Sister Jude gave Lana a prize: witnessing Kit and Grace receive 20 whacks apiece with a cane, and for a bonus, Lana got to pick which size stick Sister Jude should use. Lana wanted no part of doling out the punishment, calling Sister Jude “twisted.” Too late for that type of sentiment, Lana, because not only have you pissed me off, but you’ve totally ruined any alliances you could have had with the saner Briarcliff patients. Idiot.

Plus, Lana’s going to look like Boo-Boo the fool once she finds out Wendy died at the hands of the real Bloody Face and not the man she just pretty much threw the gauntlet down on in the court of public opinion. But, again, I digress…

Before Sister Jude could start on Grace, Kit proclaimed that he was the only person behind the escape attempt and that Grace was only a pawn. Sister Jude spared Grace’s behind, but added the 20 lashings Grace would have received to Kit’s amount. Sadistic, much?

And that was this week’s American Horror Story: Asylum, which simply brought it tonight and will most definitely bring it next week. How long will it be before Sister Jude and the others realize the demon is now inside Mary Eunice? Also, could Mary Eunice be considered the White Nun with the black goo coming from her eyes? So much to speculate on… Sound off below!

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