How “American Dad” Has Managed to Stay Relevant for 12 Seasons

How “American Dad” Has Managed to Stay Relevant for 12 Seasons

American Dad is by far one of the best cartoon series to ever hit the mass media market. The story follows through with the random escapades of Stan Smith, who is a conservative Agent who is struggling with family life while trying to keep America safe at the same time. All this action is embellished by various types of entertainment techniques including non-sequiturs, shock value, plot twists and surreal humor. Stan Smith leads the all-American family in this animated sitcom.

In some sense, everyday life is taken to the next level as Stan tries to apply the same drastic techniques used in his career as a CIA agent to his home life. He is Driven by machismo as well as the American dream, though he often fails to see how horrible his attempts are in some instances. The entire TV show cast is amazing and not only Stan. For instance, Francine, Roger the alien, the fish and his two children, all combine to make top notch base characters for the show. These characters are easy to relate to, due to the unique nature of their family and with the surreal humor that is used to depict their lifestyles..

These exceptional plot development techniques have allowed for the show to be nominated for a host of awards, with some of the prominent ones being the Annie Awards and Primetime awards as well. In fact, the show was in 2013 given the accolade of the being the best cartoon sitcom on mass media by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. In fact, since the season’s debut, the show has managed to broadcast as many as 231 episodes.

The show Is packed with various entertaining scenes, including in the episode Hurricane, whereby an angry bear stops halfway through his attack, lowers the eyelids, and intense shakes his head, thereby shaming Stan for failing to shoot him with a harpoon and instead of shooting Francine into the hall. More so, in the episode, `Why we can’t be friends`, the corridors in the Smith house are changed into eerie and dangerous ghetto alleyways, forever instance the Roger ambushed and tormented Jeff Fischer. In the `Missing Kink` episode, Steve and their family fish Klaus, are deeply engrossed in a basketball competition in between each other, with a score nearly tied at 10-9.

Also in this same episode, the `Missing Kink, the Smith house is shown to have an eerie world that has never been shown in the entire series, where different acquaintances of the Smith family gather to frolic. Moreover, in the episode, the `Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Stan Smith the Coward,` Stan is shown to have a secret control room that is positioned underground and just close to the house. This control room door comes with an exterior side which is well-camouflaged with grass that surrounds it. Additionally, the entire room is filled with some of the top states of the art equipment, and gaining access to the room can only be realized by using a special handprint device that extends from the grounds.

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