Amazon’s Who Killed Nicole? Isn’t Sure if OJ Did It

It’s amazing really how many ‘facts’ come out when a person is so doggedly attached to a case that people haven’t forgotten about but are still ready to see dropped after so long. Amazon’s feature Who Killed Nicole? is one of those shows that thrives on the conspiracy as Q.V. Hough of Screenrant might hopefully agree with. Even with a few very interesting factoids that have been revealed by Norman Pardo, the case is still one that is mired in a great deal of controversy and doesn’t have as neat of an ending as many people would like since it’s bound to bring up the old feelings that tore so many people apart during the proceedings. People do still remember how truly hard this case was for many to watch, right?

Obsessing about this incident and the how’s and why’s of it was hard enough during the actual trial, but thinking that anyone would continue to pursue it for so long is hard to figure out in terms of motive. There are plenty of inconsistencies with the actual story and with this documentary if one sits and tries to poke enough holes in explanations and ‘facts’ that are supposedly just now coming to light. One massive issue that a show such as this has is that it’s come a day late and many dollars short to be taken seriously at this point since guess what, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman aren’t going to come back after it’s all said and done, and O.J. Simpson’s name is still going to live in infamy no matter if he didn’t do it at all.

One issue that’s been on the books for a long time and is still a point of debate is that Simpson ran from the cops. Like it or not, guilty people run, innocent people tend to want to clear their name, no matter how much a person wants to claim racial profiling or the need to just toss someone in jail for the crime. Had the chase with the white Bronco never happened it’s very possible that the case might have proceeded in a very different manner. And while the documentary is painting Nicole in a rather negative light, as might be expected and won’t be argued against, it’s also taking a hard line against Simpson, who was complicit in Nicole’s drug use and also less than innocent when it came to doing all the wrong things in his life as well. If anyone’s thinking that there are innocents in this documentary they might need to clean their glasses, widen their eyes, and dig the wax out of their ears, as Pardo isn’t taking any prisoners on this one as he lambastes pretty much everyone that falls into his scope.

This is one of the cases in history that simply won’t die since every now and then people still bring it up either as an example of how terrible the American justice system has really become, or for one of many reasons that has to do more with racial profiling than anything else. The idea that O.J. could be innocent isn’t even a foolproof idea since Pardo makes it clear that he could be seen as an accomplice at one point and would have felt a reason to run. All in all this trial managed to tear quite a few people apart as O.J. sympathizers and those that believed he was guilty were at each other’s throats about as much as Trump supporters and Democrats are today. It was a nasty, mean-spirited moment in history that a lot of people have been grateful to see finally fade in the overall consciousness of the American people.

It hasn’t disappeared, not at all, but it’s definitely been buried a few times in favor of other news that’s been just as horrific if not infinitely worse. In bringing this case back to bear it’s kind of hard to take it seriously since after two decades if there’s anything new to come out it’s going to be an ‘aha’ moment at best, nothing that’s going to vindicate O.J. in the eyes of so many. To a great number of Americans he’s still guilty, no matter what the evidence turns up. Reopening any interest in this affair is another good lesson of what happens when a person goes digging in the past, they’re only bound to get dirty.

It’s also a bit more proof that controversy is what people thrive on since it’s what gets the kind of attention that will make ratings and will give those that are seeking publicity what they want, another shot at being in the spotlight for just about anything they can unearth. That’s a big reason why the mere mention of this documentary appears ridiculous, the fact that it was made into a spectacle, when the trial was more than enough for many people. Rory Carroll of The Guardian had more to say on this matter.

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