10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa Snider

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa Snider

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa Snider

Alyssa Snider is not a household name, but she might be. She’s not an actress. She’s not a model. She’s a new reality star who is starring in a new season of the hit show called Big Brother, and she’s here to win. She’s taking over the television with her game, and she’s ready for people to underestimate what she might bring to the game. If you don’t know who she is, that’s all right. You will. Here’s everything you need to know about her as the new season is ready to air and fans will begin to recognize her sooner rather than later.

1. She’s Young

She might be one of the younger women on the show this year. She’s only 24, though we are unsure of her date of birth. If she turned 24 in 2022, then she was born in 1998. Otherwise, she may have been born in 1997, and that means she’ll turn 25 later in the year.

2. She’s a Floridian

She’s from a fairly famous little town in Florida, too. Some people know it because it’s a reality show, too. She’s from Siesta Key, which is a famous beach town in the Sunshine State over on the Gulf Coast. There are already several famous people living there, so it only makes sense she’d add herself to that list.

3. She Has a Day Job

She’s got a day job when she’s not working on her reality star career. She works as a customer service representative, though we don’t know where she works or for whom. She also works as a marketing agent, but those things often go hand in hand if you know the business. She’s working regularly, so we think that she has local employment in Siesta Key.

4. She’s Who She Is

In case you want to know a few things about her as a person, you’ll just need to know this. She is herself, and there is no one else she’d rather be. She’s not trying to be a different version of herself, so be prepared. The person you see on television is the person she is in real life, too.

5. She is Bubbly

She thinks that the people who watch her on reality television will assume she’s just a young girl, and that she is a bubbly girl – because she is. She is a bubbly girl with a lot of excitement and happiness in her life, but she’s not always a go with the flow type. She has a big game to play, and she’s going to do so strategically.

6. She is Not Into Loud People

If you are obnoxious on a regular basis, she doesn’t want to work with you on this show. She feels those people are the ones who get on people’s nerves and tend to be problematic at the end of the day. She’s in this to win this, so she’s not going to accept you as someone whom she is comfortable working with.

7. She’s Chatty

Some people don’t care what other people think of them. Some people don’t even think about it. However, this is a woman who knows what people will probably find annoying about her – or what they might not necessarily enjoy about her. She’s a chatty person. She talks a lot, and she is aware of this. She may not be bothered that you know this about her, but she’s someone who is certain this is what people might dislike about her.

8. She is Not into Flipping

She’s not someone who will flip the vote when it comes to eviction night. She knows that those are always the people who get caught, the ones who always find themselves in trouble, and the ones who always end up on the bad side of everyone. She’s not looking for that.

9. She Likes Her Privacy

She’s not someone who makes it a big habit to share all of the details of her personal life online, and that is not a big deal. She’s into things such as being casual about her life, and she likes to keep the most important things to herself. However, she is making it clear that she wants to win.

10. She’s Here to Win

Her entire strategy for the season is to win. Sure, she’s probably quite happy to find the fame that will come along with being a reality show contestant, but mostly she just wants to win. She’s not into anything other than taking home the big prize.

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