10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexis Floyd

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexis Floyd

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexis Floyd

If you’ve not yet tuned in to see “Inventing Anna,” on Netflix you are really missing out. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is mentioning that it is a total binge-worthy new show, and every influencer, celebrity, and person online is talking about it. When we pay attention to the show, we cannot help but immediately notice the lovely actress Netflix cast to play a recurring character. Her name is Alexis Floyd, and she might seem like she’s just the concierge at a luxe New York City hotel, but her character – Neff – is so much more. However, we want to get to know the actress herself, so here we go.

1. She Was a Front Desk Clerk

Before Floyd took on the role of Neff, she had a different job. She was hoping to become a famous actress, but she also had bills to pay. She paid them by working the front desk at a yoga studio, and that is when she got the call that she was going to be on television.

2. She’d Worked Before

Her role in this new Netflix series is certainly not her first role. She was a love interest in a show called The Bold Type, but when her role ended, she had to do something to make ends meet. Yoga studio work seemed easy enough, and the job was there, so she took it. She did not have a problem leaving the job, though.

3. She Found Out She Landed the Roel in the Coolest Way

She’d read about the character, she submitted her audition, and she was in the middle of watching a beautiful play in a beautiful New York City theater when she saw she had a missed call. The call was to tell her she landed the part of Neff, and she was so excited to get that news in the middle of something so beautiful such as an NYC theater prior to act two.

4. She Has Experience with Her Character

Something she knows well is the kind of character that Neff really is as a person. She’s the kind of young woman who is polite and helpful, she tries to remain discreet and out of the way, but she’s also trying to figure out her own life in the middle of doing what she’s being paid to do.

5. She Immediately Reached Out the Real Neff

Because this is a story about true events, this young actress knew she had to reach out to the woman she is portraying on television to speak to her. She direct messaged the real-life Neff, they met for a long talk – hours upon hours to be honest – and she got a real handle on this woman and the role she plays in this story.

6. She is Only Bringing Pieces to Life

This Netflix series is a Shonda Rimes masterpiece, but she is not asking her characters to be the exact as the real people who went through this. Rather, she is doing what she can to bring the character to life in a way that is fantastical and not quite like the real person. It’s so much fun for her to do this.

7. She Enjoys Shonda

Rimes is one of the most famous writers and creators in Hollywood, and she is someone that Floyd enjoys very much. She said that their first in-person meeting was such a big deal and that she is such a wonderful leader and person, and she really loves that about the creator.

8. She Would Take on a Specific Job

She says that if she could take on another job in another Shonda universe, it would absolutely be the job of coat hanger on “Scandal,” so that she could just get a glimpse of all the fabulous coats that Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, gets to wear. We kind of feel her on this one, to be honest. The fashion choices are perfection.

9. She Always Felt She Worked Harder

Floyd’s exact words are that she always felt she was swimming upstream to keep up as a black child in a white community, and she didn’t even realize it when she was young. She thought she had to live up to a certain type of person that people expected her to be rather than just being herself, and she is currently working on that.

10. She’s Confident

She is a woman with a great deal of confidence, though she continues to work on that every day. She might not notice just how much she has, but the kind of confidence she embodies comes across in her work, her conversations, and her interviews – and we have a feeling we see more of it in her than she even realizes.Shonda Rimes

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