10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alex Lawther

Alex Lawther seems to come from a family that’s had a lot to do with the public and in continuing that tradition he’s wanted to become an actor for a long time. As an imaginative and very creative youth he finally got his chance to show the world what he could do once he was old enough and ready to step in front of a crowd. To date he’s done very well since enough people have fully enjoyed his works and been in agreement that he’s one of the more talented individuals that has come out in recent years. Where his career is going to go at this point is kind of up in the air since he seems to be enjoying where he’s at and what he’s doing thus far. No one could blame him if he wants to stay where he’s at, but there seems to be enough of a glimmer of greatness in him that he could go a lot further if he desires.

Here are a few things you might not know about him.

10. He’s in The End of the F*****g World.

While the show isn’t as apocalyptic as it sounds it does detail the adventures of two teenagers, one that is ready to see what it feels like to kill a human being since his torturing and killing of animals has grown rather boring. It’s a disturbing idea for a show but at the same time it’s an interesting topic that people have come to embrace.

9. He’s not all that big on social media.

It’s actually kind of hard to find people that aren’t really into social media these days but it’s a nice surprise when they do reveal themselves. Alex really doesn’t care to get on social media all that much and tends to stay away from it.

8. Despite people asking, his sexuality isn’t really known.

Since he’s played enough LGBTQ characters on screen it’s enough for many people to openly wonder if he’s gay, but if he is or isn’t he’s not telling since to be honest it’s not really anyone’s business. But if he does choose to reveal it eventually then perhaps those that are wondering will finally chill.

7. He was in The Imitation Game.

This movie had a lot to do with a few different ideas that were melded into the life of Alan Turing, a gifted but fairly arrogant cryptographer that managed to break the code of the Enigma machine used by the Nazi’s during WWII. His life and the struggles that he went through started as a young man, which Alex depicts, and continued on into his adult years.

6. He’s been in Black Mirrors.

Anyone that’s a fan of this show and watches it religiously has likely seen Alex on the show. The anthology has managed to attract a lot of attention during its run so far and has been lauded as one of the better shows on Netflix.

5. His net worth is around $2 million.

That might seem like a lot to put on a young man but quite honestly it’s not as much as you might think in terms of Hollywood and how much people are said to be worth. In fact it might be somewhere in the middle or on the low end.

4. He’s a big Matilda fan.

Alex can apparently recite the movie in its entirety from start to finish, which means that he must have watched it dozens if not hundreds of times. You can’t blame him to be honest, it’s a good movie and one that many kids grew up with.

3. He’s been acting since 2011.

In many ways it seems that this up and coming generation of actors has to learn things quickly in order to get their career going. So he’s not brand new but he’s not yet the seasoned veteran that many others can claim to be.

2. He was inspired as a child to become an actor.

Alex was the type of imaginative child that would use his creative side to put on his own little shows and entertain people, so you can imagine he knew what he wanted to do for some time. In kids that exhibit this kind of behavior it’s pretty easy to see that it’s important nurture such desires.

1. He trained with the National Youth Theater.

Founded in the 1950s, the theater has been serving kids for that entire time by using its influence to make sure that those who are dedicated and wish to try their hand at becoming something in the acting industry get their chance. Obviously this worked out wonderfully for Alex.

His career seems to be one that should be watched with great interest, if only because he seems to be on his way up at a pace that isn’t too quick, but is definitely indicative of how dedicated he is.

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