A WeWork Documentary is Coming: What We Know So Far

A WeWork Documentary is Coming: What We Know So Far


What we know about the WeWork documentary at this point is what a lot of people likely know, that building a business does take a great deal of time, effort, and one of the most important thing, a strong and moral base that WeWork might have been initially based around, but turned out to be just lip service at one point. Alyson Shontell of Business Insider is just one of many that is getting in on this matter since WeWork has been on the decline. Unfortunately this seems to be what happens when folks tend to live a billionaire lifestyle without thinking about the fundamentals that are necessary to run their business. In short, having fun while thinking that the money will continue to roll in is all well and good if you’ve got a business plan that can sustain it, but otherwise you’re bound to get yourself in over your head in a heartbeat and will find that the faith of the people isn’t quite as strong as you might believe.

Reeves Wiedeman of the Intelligencer is another individual that has taken his digs at WeWork in the recent weeks, but has detailed a good amount of what went into this company and why it seemed to be on the uptick at one point and was a promising company. Backing it up a moment though, just in case you weren’t aware of what WeWork does, they basically purchase real estate and transform it into office spaces and common areas. In other words they take what’s already there and give it a purpose for another individual to come along as an office-leasing company. If that makes so little sense to you as a working person don’t worry, it makes little sense to me as well considering that a lot of us, yet Adam Neumann made it work for him in a manner that has him set for life amid what’s happened. It’s not too hard to think that Netflix would find this as a great story to pick up on, as it seems to be the type of story that people want to hear about and will enjoy or at least feel enlightened by in some way. On top of that, a lot of folks love to hear how the rich and ambitious took a serious fall at one point. They might be disappointed at this part since Neumann is walking away still a very rich individual that likely hasn’t learned much of a lesson when it comes to his fast and loose style of doing business.

If there’s any lesson to be learned it has yet to reveal itself since this documentary seems more inclined to show just how person such as Neumann can come up with an idea to get rich and somehow stay that way as people continue to feed into his ‘vision’ while watching disaster crest over the horizon. There are already a few different explanations as to what happened, why it happened, and what was the ‘best’ option when it came to shoring things up, such as Neumann stepping down from the position of CEO as Matthew Rothstein of Bisnow has reported. Some might say that those of us that don’t understand business dealings that well are just upset because it makes him sound like the inept villain that gets to escape with his riches, but in truth the thousands of workers that were laid off as a result of his ineptitude probably wouldn’t agree. For someone that’s reached the top of the mountain so to speak Neumann seems to have forgotten just why he was able to get there and why he’s even now being allowed to take a seat while being cushioned by millions while others have next to nothing. Is it fair? Not at all. Is he going to care? Probably not. Is it going to change anything? Unfortunately no, as all the documentary might do is remind us that life isn’t fair and that those who learn how to work the system in their favor are going to be those that will take advantage of those that don’t. In other words it’s bound to remind us that life just isn’t fair and if you want something to change then you’re going to have to stand up and change it on your own without blaming another person for your woes.

Sure that seems dramatic, it might even seem kind of childish and ridiculous, but deep down the idea that fairness is a part of business is a fundamental that too many individuals seem to have forgotten throughout the years. Neumann has already ridden off into the metaphorical sunset with his riches at this point, but hopefully the documentary will end up showing him in a light that’s anything but positive and will remain somewhat balanced.

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