A Turner and Hooch TV Show in Development at Disney +

Turner and Hooch

Disney is starting to dig pretty deep in the well if they’re bringing Turner and Hooch out since the movie was released back in 1989 and for many people it’s become something of a pleasant memory but not much else since it was relegated to the archives a while back. It’s a good movie, don’t get me wrong, and it’s worth bringing back, but how much the show will deviate from the movie is kind of up in the air at the moment since there was already an attempt to make a TV show of this movie back in 1990 and it didn’t pan out. The big difference between then and now though is that Disney hadn’t even really begun to flex their financial muscles since streaming wasn’t a thing and they didn’t really need to compete with anyone since they were a solid corporation and business at that time, much as they are now. Coming to Disney+ as a series is kind of an odd idea since the movie ended on a sad but also happy note since Hooch was killed during the final showdown, but he had puppies with the dog of the woman that Turner ended up marrying. As Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb states Disney is indeed digging into their own vault, but there are times when one has to wonder just why they feel the need to dig when there are so many ideas on the surface or just below that can be developed in a variety of ways.

As a movie this one had a lot of heart and feeling but there were some people that were likely hoping that Hooch would pull through at the end since the heroic canine was obviously one of the best parts of the movie and the utter destruction he brought into Turner’s life is something that many a dog owner has likely experienced in life, either in the puppy phase or just as a natural occurrence that tends to happen when a dog gets bored. Ah yes, I do remember those days, losing not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR couches to the same dog after leaving her alone too long in the house. Hooch was undoubtedly a lovable pooch but the ruination he brought into Turner’s life was hilarious since up to that point Turner had been a very well-established loner that had a set way of life and needed to have everything in its place as he liked it. Yeah, having a dog is rarely that ordered unless you have their behavior on lock, meaning that they know what will happen if they don’t toe the line, and that’s not normal for every dog owner since the four-legged critters have minds of their own and they tend to think for themselves occasionally.

At this time there doesn’t appear to be any set release date for the show since it’s in the idea phase at this point and will hopefully be moving along as the days roll along. With everything that Disney+ already has and has in production though it’s likely that this might still be an idea that’s on the burner but it won’t be moved forward until the higher-ups are good and ready to do so. While it’s a great story and something that could easily entertain the kids, it almost feels as though a reboot in this case would be a better idea than a series in order to stick closer to the main idea. Otherwise it becomes something that’s based on the idea but isn’t really bound to follow the same story line and will deviate more than is needed for people to really get into the whole idea. I could be wrong though, it’s happened often enough and as it goes with Disney they know how to market a show or a movie and make money with it.

Does anyone feel that Disney might overreach eventually? That they might go too big and eventually start to hurt their own brand? It’s an inkling really, not so much a certainty that it will happen, but throughout the years now they’ve been stretching forward and grabbing up more and more properties, doing what they want with them, and of course making money hand over fist. But it also feels as though they might one day go too far, if they haven’t already. Bringing stories like Turner and Hooch to bear and turning them into series isn’t a horrible thing, it’s barely even questionable, but it still feels as though they’re simply getting too big at this point. Maybe it’s paranoia, but it’s certainly not jealousy. It’s simply a sense that with all the properties they’re developing at this point and snapping up that it might all become too much at one point, and the only real casualties will be the properties that end up being swallowed by the constantly expanding business that is the Mouse House.

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