A Suicide Squad vs. Justice League Movie Can Happen

One of my most anticipated movies of the year is James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Call it a soft reboot of the disappointing 2016 movie or just an actual sequel, but this will be the movie the team deserves. Why? Well, for starters, James Gunn. He did a phenomenal job bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy to the big-screen and we all expect him to do the same with DC’s version of the Dirty Dozen. And after watching that trailer, I’m more than confident that this upcoming movie will be far superior to the David Ayer movie. I know, that’s not saying much, but I feel like we can put the memories of the 2016 movie to rest after August. And to be honest, the only complaint I have for James Gunn’s movie is no Will Smith. I seriously hope he comes back in a sequel.

So if James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad really does knock it out of the park, I have a feeling DC and Warner Bros. will ask him to return to direct a sequel. Apparently James Gunn will just be doing television after Guardians 3, but I don’t buy it. Now that he has officially worked on both Marvel and DC properties, he can now add something unique to his resume. How many directors can say they helmed a Marvel and DC movie? Not very many, so if he really doesn’t do another Marvel or DC movie, then I know fans will be upset. Heck, probably more upset when he got fired from Guardians 3. At least he and Disney worked things out though.

Now I really want James Gunn to return for a third Suicide Squad movie. However, I don’t think it has to be just a typical sequel we all expect. If DC really wants to do a stretch, I recommend they have the Suicide Squad face off against the Justice League. Sounds very ambitious, doesn’t it? Well, it very much is, but I think it’s a movie that should and can certainly happen.

First of all, having a Suicide Squad vs. Justice League movie will actually make the DCEU feel officially connected. It’s not like the squad is galaxies away listening to music from the ’80s and visiting different planets. They exist and operate on the same planet as the Justice League, the most prominent superhero team in DC. Other than the small cameo Ben Affleck’s Batman had in the post-credits scene at the end of the 2016 movie, it hardly felt connected to the bigger DC Cinematic Universe. Yes, they mentioned Superman and yes, Captain Boomerang was captured by the Flash. The thing is, that was all very, very brief. Speaking of which, why couldn’t Wonder Woman or the Flash zip on over and help defeat Enchantress? That’s just one of the many problems that movie suffered from.

The biggest connection Suicide Squad had to the wider DCEU is the history most of its members had with Batman. While Bruce Wayne did some under-the-table deals with Amanda Waller, Batman put away at least three of the most popular Suicide Squad members. The first is an obvious one: Harley Quinn, the girlfriend of Batman arch nemesis, The Joker. The two of them have been a thorn in Batman’s side for years and before the events of the movie, Batman managed to capture Harley Quinn. At least that scene was good.

2016 also touched on Batman’s rivalry with Will Smith’s Deadshot. Those were also good scenes, especially since it explained why Deadshot had a grudge against Batman. Again, it’s a shame that Deadshot won’t be appearing in The Suicide Squad, but he’s among the most prominent leaders of the team. If Will Smith does reprise his role, it would be a good set-up for a rematch with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

And finally, Batman captured Killer Croc, another one of his famous villains. Now he looked cool in the movie, but he didn’t get to do much. I’d like to see him return, but I must admit, having King Shark replace him as the anmial/man hybrid and muscle of the team is awesome. Plus, he’s being voiced by Sylvester Stallone. Come to think of it, he would be very useful for the Suicide Squad if they ever do fight the Justice League.

And as for the new additions to the squad, the new leader of the team even tried to kill Superman. Idris Elba’s Bloodsport is in prison for shooting at Superman with a kryptonite bullet. We don’t know why he did it yet, but this assassination attempt does put him on the Justice League’s map. If he came close to killing Superman, then he really needs to be taken seriously.

The only real issue for a Suicide Squad vs. Justice League movie is the difference in the teams. While the Justice League is always expanding, the squad is always losing members. I mean, the name says it all, right? That’s the idea, but even so, Amanda Waller is always looking for expendable recruits. And given how resourceful she is, she should have no problem finding squad members who can fight the Justice League.

Now’s who’s going to stand up to Superman without kryptonite bullets? Well, you can bring back Enchantress, the dullest character from 2016 Suicide Squad. Maybe she just needs a better writer, but she’s all about magic. Other than kryptonite, magic is one of Superman’s top weaknesses. If no one can go toe-to-toe with Supes, then just have Enchantress do her sorcery stuff and she can at least weaken him. Of course, the other Justice Leaguers will protect him, but the are at a disadvantage. Why? The Suicide Squad is willing to kill. The Justice League has more powerful members, but their refusal to kill basically ties one hand behind their backs. Then again, Wonder Woman has no problem cutting people in half. That might give the squad some trouble.

Oh, and speaking of the Justice League and killing, the Suicide Squad should not fight a brainwashed Justice League. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of that in the upcoming Kill the Justice League video game. It sounds cool, but I think we’re past the whole evil Superman and DC heroes phase. Save that for further Injustice games. If DC wants to do this movie right, just have the new Suicide Squad fight the regular Justice League. No evil or brainwashed heroes and no evil counterparts. They can easily take the Justice League vs. the Suicide Squad storyline as inspiration. I won’t give spoilers, but it managed to deliver on a good fight between DC’s biggest teams. If DC can make it happen in comics, they can make it happen for the DCEU.

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