A Rocket And Groot Crossover Movie With Harley Quinn? Why Not?

A Rocket And Groot Crossover Movie With Harley Quinn? Why Not?

If you watch the movies of the cinema-changing Marvel Cinematic Universe, the undisputed mascots are Rocket Raccoon and Groot. The former is a talking raccoon (although he claims that he isn’t) voiced by Bradley Cooper, and the other is a talking tree voiced by Vin Diesel. You Marvel fans out there already know that he says only three famous words. “I am Groot” has become somewhat of a catchphrase for the MCU, rightfully so. It’s also one of Vin Diesel’s most popular lines that isn’t about the importance of family. Then again, one of the many times he says “I am Groot” could be referring to family. If you don’t know, then Rocket will probably translate for you.

Now if I’m going to talk about the MCU, then I’m going to have to bring up the DC Cinematic Universe. If you love comic books and the movies that try to bring them to life, you might want to see a crossover movie with Marvel and DC. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t it be so awesome to see Captain America duke it out with Batman? That would be a battle so epic, I just can’t even think about it without demanding a crossover movie. Of course, the obvious choice would be Avengers vs. Justice League. Hey, if you think that’s not possible, just remember there was a time people said that about a shared cinematic universe. Wind the clocks back over a decade, and that idea was a just a fanboy’s pipe dream. Nowadays, that has become the norm for all popular franchises.

When it comes to the DCEU, it’s not quite at the same level of success as the MCU, but I’m confident it will get there. With all the exciting movies on its future slate, I have a feeling the DCEU will rival the success of the MCU. They still have some ways to go, but since Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the MCU’s mascot, who would you consider for the DCEU? I mean, granted, it’s pretty hard to live up to Rocket and Groot. They’re both funny and unique characters, but they can also be serious when they need to be. Is there any way the DCEU can compete with that?

Well, since The Suicide Squad is coming out soon, one of my top picks would be King Shark. He’s another talking animal, like Rocket, but he’s a big freaking shark with arms and legs. Even though he looks intimidating, he seems to be quite friendly. In fact, he appears to be friendly in a similar manner to that of Groot. He’s not particularly loquacious and frankly, he comes off as kind of dumb. But that’s what makes Groot so likable, and also, if you make him mad, he’ll unleash all his fury on you. I can’t wait to see what King Shark will do.

Now if we’re talking about human characters, they’d have to be pretty darn unique if they’re going to stand out next to Rocket and Groot. Does DC have anyone like that in their roster? Who’s the most popular female DC character taking center stage in the DCEU right now? Okay, maybe it’s Wonder Woman, but she’s just iconic in the traditional way. I’m thinking about Joker’s on-and-off sidekick/girlfriend who originated in the Batman animated series. Yes, that would be the new and improved Harley Quinn.

Who did you expect? Is there another DC character who’s as wacky and outlandish as Harley Quinn? Actually, there probably is, but that’s a whole other topic. Now what do Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Harley Quinn have in common? All three of them take center stage in a movie directed by James Gunn. The only difference is that James Gunn directly created the MCU versions of Rocket and Groot. The creation of the DCEU’s Harley Quinn belongs to David Ayer, but James Gunn is now charged with further developing the character in The Suicide Squad. But we have nothing to worry about. After seeing what he has done with Rocket and Groot, I have the upmost faith that James Gunn will do Harley Quinn justice.

If you love these characters, then this news from James Gunn might excited you. Mr. Gunn recently took to his social media and said that he would love to do a crossover movie with Groot and Harley Quinn. Oh yeah, you read that right. Now we know that James Gunn has been wanting to see a Marvel/DC crossover movie for a while now. As having the rare and honorable privilege of directing both a Marvel and DC movie, I’d say James Gunn has some pretty good insight on how that can play out. In his eyes, it can start with two characters he was hired to develop.

Now to be clear, he specifically stated he wanted to do a crossover movie with Groot and Harley Quinn. He didn’t mention Rocket, but come on. I know I’m not alone on this when I say that you can’t have Rocket without Groot and vice versa. I guess we did kind of have that in Avengers: Endgame, but Rocket was the only Guardian working with the Avengers. Of course, the talking raccoon would be the one to join them. The point is, Rocket and Groot are the kind of dynamic duo that are simply inseparable.

Okay, so let’s just indulge in our inner fanboy’s dream and say this can happen. What would this crossover movie even be like? Honestly, only James Gunn can answer that. I would just love to see Harley Quinn interact with Rocket and Groot. I reckon she would be confused, amused, and excited all at once. Harley Quinn would definitely be the one of the few DC characters who would get a kick out of meeting Rocket and Groot. She would probably make a rather crude joke about what they are, then probably try to pet Rocket. Rocket, being the angry and sensitive little talking rodent that it is, might take offense to this, but Harley is someone he can joke around with. And given their tragic backstories of suffering from abuse, they can even have an unexpected emotional conversation.

And as for Groot, Harley would just be interested in learning more about him. She’ll ask a bunch of silly questions, try to poke him, and probably even refer to Groot as her new best friend. Just all the typical things that Harley Quinn would do. The more that I talk about this, the more I want it to happen. The chances of it are actually pretty slim, but never say never. The MCU and even the DCEU are the places when the seemingly impossible ideas indeed happen. Why not kick it up a notch?DCEU

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