A National Treasure TV Show is Happening at Disney Plus

So we don’t know what the story is going to be about, but the bare bones of a National Treasure series on Disney+ include the fact that the lead character will be a Latina or Latinx, it’s hard to know what’s offensive and what’s not these days, named Jess Morales. She and her friends will be going on adventures to discover their heritage and find hidden treasure much like Benjamin Gates, who she will be taking the torch from so to speak, so it’s fair to assume that Nicolas Cage will at least be featured in this series, perhaps just long enough to give his blessing to the young treasure hunter before being done with the series for good. Talk of a National Treasure 3 movie has been ongoing for a while, but it would appear that Disney has come up with a different direction for the franchise and it might be that this could be a worthwhile move that might take the idea and run with it in a way that the movies couldn’t. The only downside is that there’s a great chance of burnout even now since the story needs to be kept as fluid and dynamic as possible in order to really keep people interested. Introducing new characters isn’t an issue, since that could actually keep things moving in a way that fans will appreciate. It’s the idea that after the first season if things don’t change enough that the show might grow stale quickly. One thing that’s been made apparent is that if the fans aren’t kept guessing, really guessing, not drawing conclusions before the season is over, then there’s a chance that things could be derailed very quickly.

The hope is that such a thing won’t happen since to be quite honest there are a lot of actual stories that exist in the USA and even in North America itself that could fuel this type of show and still adhere to the name in a very literal way. Having Nicolas Cage actually hand the story off would be a great idea, but so far there’s no word on how this is going to be handled and how the story is going to go. All that’s really known is that it is going to be happening since even the casting hasn’t been taken care of yet. It could be that this is still in the conceptualization phase since it’s easy to think that finally admitting that the movie isn’t going to happen is still fading and the fact that it’s going ahead with a series is still sinking in. Or maybe there’s just a lot to do before the series can really start to build. Either way, it is happening and we will be seeing National Treasure on Disney+ at some point, just don’t hold your breath quite yet. It’s still easy to wonder why a third movie never materialized since the first two did pretty good and while the second movie wasn’t quite as popular it was still successful. That’s not always a guarantee that things are going to progress the way that people want them to obviously, and it’s a wonder as to what treasure Gates might have gone after in the next movie. Now, with a series coming, it’s possible to think that there will be numerous adventures coming if the first season is a hit. That still feels like kind of a long shot, but at the same time, there’s a chance that it could work.

A whole new cast is going to be a lot to invest in for a lot of people since the fact is that the movies introduced people to fun and engaging characters, and if they’re no longer there it means getting used to an entirely new cast. It’s not the worst thing that could happen, but at the same time, it’s a lot to ask of the audience. The only guarantee is that once the series is made it’s bound to get so much hype that people will likely watch it just to see if it’s worth their time and if they really want to follow it any further. It does kind of depend on who’s placed in the lead role, who she’ll have at her side, and what kind of adventures they’ll be thrust into since without those elements there isn’t a show. If even one of those elements misfires it could all be for naught. Yeah, it sounds pessimistic and cynical as hell, but after so much time talking about a third movie the act of switching gears like this is still kind of disorienting and might take some getting used to. But it does sound like an interesting idea that could work if it’s handled correctly, so it will be interesting to see what happens when the time comes.

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