A Dog Man Movie is in Development at DreamWorks Animation

A Dog Man Movie is in Development at DreamWorks Animation

A Dog Man Movie is in Development at DreamWorks Animation

The style of animation might be kind of interesting to see when it comes to the Dog Man movie that Dreamworks is cooking up, but it already sounds like something that kids will be welcoming in a big way since in the nature of programming for kids this particular story does try to teach children morals and what it means to work together and appreciate each other. As far as kids’ stories go this one feels like many of the others that have come and gone over the years, it might be a trend and it might last for a while, it’s hard to really predict until it’s released for kids to watch it rather than just read about it. It already sounds as though this is a favored kid’s story, so bringing it to the next level just makes sense considering that trying to push it as a bigger product could help it to ascend to the same level as many other kids’ stories, or it could show that it’s not quite the same caliber as the competition that it will be going up against. The hope of course is that this story can prove that it’s something worthwhile and will be able to stick around for a while. That’s a heavy load to have to bear in terms of being the director in charge since the responsibility of bringing something into the light in this manner falls heavily on their shoulders.

One downside about any new kids’ story being brought up and into the public eye is that there is a ton of competition out there, as just skimming through a Netflix menu or any other streaming menu will often show that there are so many stories for kids that anyone making the claim that there’s nothing for any particular group of kids should be rightfully laughed off considering how much programming is out there for kids ranging from a year old and up. But that’s where things get tricky too since the amount of content out there means that many genres have been covered, many stories have been told, and one has to be extremely unique in how they go about presenting the material they’ve been given. Making a Dog Man movie feels kind of ambitious since it is a bold move that speaks highly of the confidence that those working on the project must have in the idea, but it’s also a big risk. Having already been established as a story that kids happen to like and relate to in a number of ways, Dog Man is something that should be able to work in a big way, but it does feel as though it might stand a chance of being filed away with many other movies that have been deemed as just as good of an idea but have come and gone in their own time.

There’s no insult in saying this since Dog Man could be a great addition to the other content that’s already there, but the fact is that it’s one more kids’ show out of the many that already exist and is bound to get plenty of kids excited, while others will go about their way and stick to their own preferred cartoons. This is something that’s been the norm since many of us were kids given that the idea of having a lot of content to pick from is great, but it definitely draws dividing lines between what’s popular and what’s more niche. The great thing about it being there however is that once Dog Man is out and available as a movie, it’s established that it’s gone a little further than many ideas, and has possibly taken the next step that will cement it in the history books as one of the more effective stories of its time.

It’s uncertain how the movie will do, but hopefully, it will do a little better than the Captain Underpants movie. Strangely enough, Captain Underpants has continued to be watched by a lot of kids on Netflix, in some cases to the point that some parents have outlawed the cartoon simply because they can’t stand hearing it or seeing it on the screen any longer. Obviously, kids have come to love these types of shows and are willing to watch them on repeat to torture their parents with the intent of just having a good time. But if Dog Man does manage to overtake Captain Underpants in the theater it does feel as if we might have a new favorite on our hands, especially considering that this story has been popular for a while now and many kids happen to know a lot about Dog Man. Sometimes one has to wonder how kids pick out their favorites among the many shows that are offered, but then again, we did that as kids, and we haven’t stopped doing that.

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