A Detailed Review of “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”

Escape Room: Tournament of champions is a sequel to the first movie, directed by Adam Robitel and released on June 16, 2021. The most exciting thing about this movie is that the title already gives the audience an obvious intention about what the characters should immediately do: Escape from a Room. If you loved the first movie, which was pretty unique and exciting to watch, you would surely like this sequel. It stars Logan Miller(Ben) and Taylor Russell(Zoey), who survived the first Escape Room. The other casts include Carlito Olivero(Theo), Indya Moore(Brianna), Holland Roden (Rachel), Thomas Cocquerel (Nathan), and Deborah Ann (Amanda). A few other minor characters appear in the flashbacks. The additional four characters collaborate with the survivors of Escape Room 2019 to solve a series of deadly puzzles similar to the first movie providing viewers with unpredictable events.


The new movie begins as Ben and Zoey discover the facts about the shadowy Minos organization, which orchestrated the first Escape Room after surviving it. Their determination forces them to pursue the organization after discovering its headquarters in New York City. With Zoey having issues flying on a plane, the two decide to drive until they encounter the headquarters, only for a vagrant to confront them and snatch Zoey’s necklace. The incident provokes a chase to recover it, and soon they find themselves locked inside a subway train car. The turnout of events gets exciting as the train car detaches from the other carriage and lands at a remote station. Soon, they hear a welcoming message from Minos, making them realize they are not alone but also trapped with four unsuspecting people (Rachel, Brianna, Nathan, and Theo) in the new game. Zoey and Ben learn that the others are survivors of the previous Mino’s escape rooms.

Now that they are sailing in the same boat, they have to work together and discover escape routes since they don’t want to experience the past nightmares. The puzzle gets exciting as the train gets electrified so fast, and the only escape route available is to use the subway tokens. As they try to escape, the incident kills Theo, and the rest free themselves and land in a checkered bank room with a deadly laser security system. As the remaining team tries to figure out how to bypass the lasers, Nathan becomes the culprit and activates the laser system. Eventually, they decipher an escape route with Nathan to the next room. The preceding puzzles become intriguing as the team loses consecutive members while trying to maneuver their way out from the escape rooms. A particularly dreadful room involves a beach complete with a shack and a lighthouse that caused the death of Nathan and Ben as they drown in its quicksand.

The next room comprises a cab that locks Rachel and Brianna, who died from acidic rain after solving its puzzle, with only Zoey escaping. Zoey eventually found herself in a room similar to a children’s bedroom with a diary from Sonya that reveals her mother Amanda, who the Minos abducted. The storyline continues with tragic events in another escape room involving Zoey, Amanda, and Ben returning to the scene. Eventually, they survived the last puzzle. The end of the story convinces Zoey to gain confidence by boarding a plane as they head home with Ben. She isn’t comfortable during the flight since she thinks it is still a setup organized by the Minos. At least, the end imparts some highlights that we might soon expect another Escape room movie from the plane.

Crucial Thoughts on Escape Room Tournament of Champions

Escape Room Tournament of Champions events changes so fast, helping viewers establish just how impersonal many of the movie’s puzzles become. The casts make individual mistakes and doubts, igniting lots of tension as they solve puzzles and escape from each room. From a bank equipped with powerful lasers to a thrilling subway train car, then to a New York Street ridden by acidic rain, the story unfolds with well-crafted and frightening puzzles. At least, the audience keeps speculating about the turnout of events and how the stars can escape from the rooms as it progresses logically.

The director, Adam Robitel, has done a fantastic job of recapping hits from the previous Escape Room, providing the audience with the bigger picture of what to expect. It’s such a great job to remind viewers of the two survivors and how they actually survived. You will connect with this release much better if you watch the first Escape Room. Those who are fans of solving mysteries, puzzles, and getting out from the maze will surely appreciate the transpiring events. One specific thing you will not fail to notice is that this release is relatively less horrible than the original, but you will still love the twists associated with the unfolding scenes.

Besides, the Escape Room Tournament of Champions has received varying reviews from fans and critics who mention its complex puzzles and note its failure to improve upon the first release. Most critics say that the release hasn’t invested in the characters a lot, including building an emotional attachment with the audience. So, even after the deaths of the involved characters, viewers will have a less satisfying experience of a horror movie.

Final Verdict

Escape Room Tournament of Champions is an excellent addition to the horror world, featuring fantastic escape room designs. According to Box office figures, the film, as of July 18, 2021, grossed a global total of over $13.3 million, showing it will indeed surpass its budget of $15 million. Besides, it is a movie developed with lots of confidence and interesting ideas, so new viewers and previous release fans will surely appreciate it. But just like the latest movies in release every time, you can never overlook its limitations and flaws, including critics.

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