A Collection of Hilarious Signs Spotted in The Simpsons

Has anyone ever thought that the Simpsons were leaned a certain way just by looking at some of the funny but very meaningful signs they’ve put up? It’s a good laugh since it highlights a lot about our society that we might not want to think about too deeply since it might be a little too depressing. But seriously, some of these signs are kind of cringe-worthy since you can imagine the kind of trouble they would cause if they were seen in the real world. Looking at it from a funny standpoint though one can easily think that it’s worth a good laugh, but seeing as how Fox News might be thought as a racist haven, then it could be reasonable to think that if they were allowed to include CNN that it might be worth a joke as well. But seeing as how the Simpsons were part of Fox for so long it’s easy to think that taking a dig at their own company would be a thing of ease and in some cases even a good bit of fun.

Here are a slew of other signs that you might have seen and managed to get a good laugh at.

Someone alert Drop Dead Fred, Calvin and Hobbes, and any other imaginary friends that might be electrocuted from existence if their kid ever happened to come to this place, since from the outside it doesn’t look all that friendly. Just imagine what the inside looks like.

Y’know, this is what some folks must see on a regular basis since a lot of times it’s almost as though signs such as this just don’t exist for as much good as they do. Honestly, some of these signs must be taken as kind suggestions that are easily ignored, since people don’t tend to pay that much attention.

Who had flashbacks seeing this sign? A lot of parents are still of the mind that their kids’ problems in school stem from an issue with the educational system, not their parenting. The sad part is that both aspects can be blamed if they happen to be lacking. But considering that a kid has to go home after school, it’s likely that some parents aren’t willing to shoulder the blame.

It’s kind of saddening at this point that a lot of people don’t even know the story of Oedipus and might actually think that the legend is about some fur-bearing mammal with a beak. What’s happened to the classics?

This is kind of a sad bit of commentary on any wildlife habitat, isn’t it? The truth unfortunately is that it’s more pertinent today thanks to shows such as The Tiger King and the idea that while some folks say they’re trying to help wild animals they’re really just caging them and making them dependent on their handlers.

Well how thoughtful, but they don’t necessarily state that the autopsy would be free of charge to the family since technicalities tend to come into play in a big way when it comes to some hospitals. Hey, they’ve got to make money somehow, right? Dead folks can’t pay bills after all.

Oh, there are so many jokes to be made here, but since I’m a writer and not a stand-up comedian let’s just say that the Simpsons writers have harbored a seriously warped sense of humor for a lot of years. Bless their twisted hearts.

The strange thing is that there are a few things in the Simpsons world that that are flesh-colored, such as corn dogs, cornmeal, corn on the cob, regular mustard, sunflowers, and so on and so forth. If that was a skin color in our world it’d be time to see the doctor.

It’s like a return to Madagascar, isn’t it? What a way to teach children about the wonder of wild animals, by locking the critters in cages so people can poke at the bars and the glass until the animals are good and agitated.

Okay hands up, how many guys would actually read all the way to the bottom before heading out to try and find this girl and collect the ‘reward’? Some might get halfway down the block before they stop.

It’s kind of like being born in Boring, Oregon, or Fries, Virginia, or Bangs, Texas. You might be born there but there’s a good bet that there are a number of people that are more than willing to move away when they can. Winnipeg isn’t that bad, is it?

Ah yes, zits, sneezes midway through a picture, finding stuff in your teeth when the yearbook comes out, and realizing that people were taking pictures of you all year while you were engaged in the most awkward poses and situations. Oh, the memories….make them stop.

Now, this one is just a bit too obvious, isn’t it? It might be funny come election time if President Trump is elected to another term, but we’ll have to wait and see how that one turns out.

There is literally nothing fun about that bottom explanation unless you really enjoy parroting back what other people drill into your head. Well, if you can survive college then you survive this.

Can anyone else sense that disaster was about to strike at this moment?

Poor Otto, he probably hasn’t been this upset since Homer called him a sponge for mooching off of his family when he lost his job. Heck, this might be more upsetting than that.

When in doubt just keep moving forward, at least until your foot rots away from the radiation….

Bugs are so cute when they’re lying there unmoving, aren’t they? Just like kids are so cute when they’re traumatized by a careless cartoon image….wait a second…

Well, at least this sign had the manners to say it politely, even if it’s likely to be more of a suggestion like usual.

Oh yes, the Simpsons writers have delightfully twisted thoughts, and we love them for it.

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