A Captain Cold Movie Could Redeem Arnold’s Failed Mr. Freeze

It seems that as much as fans would love to forget Arnold Schwarzenegger’s disastrous outing as Mr. Freeze that they still go back to it occasionally and wonder just what could have been done differently in order to make it into something that might have stood the test of time for longer than it took to uncover our eyes. A Captain Cold movie seems to be the idea for some people since it features another cold-based villain, but one that’s not so limited in their design or as powerful. Captain Cold, aka Leonard Snart, has been in the comics for a good long while but has been brought to the attention of the fans in a big way within recent years as DC has been doing its best to keep up with the MCU. Like it or not every mention of DC will come with mention of how it’s trailing behind the MCU on just about all fronts, and the fact is that they still need to play catch-up, and movies like Captain Cold and others could help them out if they turn out to be any good.

Here’s a couple of reasons why Captain Cold could either redeem Mr. Freeze or at least allow people to forget about Arnold’s less than stellar performance.

Captain Cold is a more versatile character.

He has the technology to be dangerous and the attitude to use it to the best advantage that he knows how. Unlike Freeze he’s not encumbered a huge, bulky suit that limits his mobility and makes him ponderously slow. Freeze might be built like a tank inside his suit, but it doesn’t help him when it comes to moving about. Cold can at least dodge, evade, and move aside from certain attacks while a well-placed EMP device can put Freeze out of the fight for at least a while. He also carries a much more powerful gun since his technology wasn’t designed to just keep things cold, but to send them to absolute zero if he has to. And he’s not shy about using it. Where Freeze is a villain and someone that’s so cold-hearted that he feels almost nothing at all for anyone save for his wife, Cold still has a rather hot temper and can work off emotion as well as intellect. While this can be a weakness as well as a strength it does allow him a much different perspective from which to operate.

People still really want to forget Batman and Robin.

The way Mr. Freeze was portrayed was bad, and I mean horrible. The cheesy one-liners, the puns, the comebacks that were so overbearingly painful that people almost wanted to plug their ears with popcorn or Twizzlers was the kind of dialogue a writer might come up with if they’ve been watching nothing but 60s Batman shows for the past year. It was exciting to see Arnold in a superhero movie but when he opened his mouth and that horrible dialogue came out it was hard to forgive after having to sit through it just to get to the end of the movie. If Freeze came back in a Captain Cold movie it would be something to see since hopefully the dialogue would be more up to date and far more realistic. But of course that’s kind of up to the writers and their many edits and what they tend to think the audience will think is acceptable.

Captain Cold vs. Mr. Freeze would make for a great movie and an epic showdown.

When two heroes or villains that wield the same element go at it there’s almost always bound to be some sort of greatness about to erupt since the idea of pitting them against one another is a sure way to get people on board since they want to know who will win. The internet already features a great many death matches that pit certain characters against one another, but on the big screen it would be a recipe for wanton disaster and epic destruction that might involve more than just the two combatants. Cold and Freeze would be a great battle since the two of them have their obvious strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited if the situation allows. While the outcome usually falls within the hands of the writers and banks on their imagination when it comes to who wins, the fallout is usually that people will end up talking about it for some time to come and trying to offer up different ways it could have gone all while still remembering the fight to begin with. It doesn’t matter that we still remember Arnold as a horrible Mr. Freeze, it’s that we remember it at all.

That could be the redemption that a Captain Cold movie could offer though, it could overshadow that memory by bringing back an epic villain for an epic fight.

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