90210 3.14 “All About A Boy” Review

I’ve dubbed the latest episode of 90210 “The I Called It Episode” because of the numerous signs that have been placed within the show and behind the scenes. Does that mean the show was ruined for me? Not even, because there was always a chance of me being wrong. So what did I guess right?

Called: Ian Was Teddy’s Blackmailer

How Did I Call It?: Context clues my friends, plus behind the scenes news and my DirecTV description of the episode.

As soon as news broke that Kyle Riabko (Ian) wanted to be free for the upcoming pilot season and the casting of not one, but two new male suitors being prepped for Teddy, it was pretty clear that Ian had to be the culprit behind the “blackmail” scheme. Ian couldn’t have just disappeared after being Teddy’s guide through his coming out process, nor could he just abruptly have some silly break up reminiscent of the Adrianna and Gia mess from last year.

With that said, what Ian did was seriously jacked up and warranted an epic beatdown. It’s stunts like what Ian pulled (he anonymously sent Teddy a blackmail letter with a picture of them kissing and demanded 50 grand to keep quiet) which has kids scared to come out or even trust someone with their secret once they come to terms with who they are. Highly unforgiveable on Ian’s part and it wouldn’t surprise me if he fades into the ether in the next episode like all recurring 90210 characters. But unlike the others, I won’t miss him.

Plus, Silver’s words of acceptance to Teddy signifies why I love that girl. I can’t even be mad at her for snagging Navid from Adrianna and hope she comes out unscathed in that drama.

Called: Guru Sona Was a Phony! A Big, Fat Phony!!!

How Did I Call It?: When Someone, Especially A Figure With Power, Hints About Needing Money For Something, Their Credentials Need To Be Check Immediately.

The thought of Naomi joining a cult was scary in itself, but luckily our girl didn’t cross completely over. “Namaste!” secured my trust that Naomi still had her own mind and soul while igniting a laughing fit of epic proportions from this reviewer. On the flip side, it was pretty damn sad to see Naomi get gyped by an unconventional gypsy during her vulnerable state. Guru Sona knew Naomi was going through some serious issues and utilized that fact into a con. Hopefully Naomi will get her money/land back soon by using the possibility of Guru Sona peddling illegal drugs to underage minors. More Ivy and Naomi scheming? Sign me up!

Called: Adrianna Didn’t Really Want Her Baby Back

How Did I Call It?: She’s Adrianna.

Adrianna reached a new low last night down to that horrid magazine cover she did to gain public sympathy after being humiliated on national telelvision. Our girl has fallen off the deep end of fame and it will take a long time to recover from such a hard tumble into her proverbial grave. But, again, will we care by then? She’s done some very despicable things thus far, things that really can’t be sweeped under the rug and forgotten about. Well, I take that back since Annie basically got away with murder. Even still, Ade has a lot of repenting to do.

Called It: Emily Snagging Annie’s Role

How Did I Call It?: Blame DirecTV.

What. The Hell. Does Emily. Want?!? This girl is just doing things to Annie just to do them at this point. She hasn’t called in to home base to report her latest accomplishments. She hasn’t slyly revealed a clue indicating anything the reasoning behind her devious nature. So what gives?

Like I stated, while I was sort of spoiled on Emily’s machinations this week, I didn’t know she would utilize Debbie and Ryan’s hookup as a means to throw Annie off her A-game before her audition. In retrospect, Annie shouldn’t have let that info bother her to that extent and it was kind of implausible to some extent. Now if Emily had of dropped some sort of bomb concerning Liam, then yeah I could see the ramifications being more affective. Another thing I didn’t see coming? Emily actually winning that role in the end. Maybe there is some theatrical rivalry between the two cousins? If so, that would be totally lame.

So, what was your take on this episode of 90210? Do you want Emily banished from West Bev just as much as I do?

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