7 Things You Didn’t Know About Frankie and Johnny’s Sue Ane Langdon


Sue Ane Langdon was one of Hollywood’s talented TV and film actors of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Although not known by the younger generations of movie viewers, Sue Ane Langdon was as popular as they come in her heydays. With an acting career spanning 32 years, Langdon retired from acting in 1991. Since then, she has not appeared in any production in film or television. Of

Sue Ane Langdon starred in several TV shows and movies and is known for her comedic flair and acting style. The actress was born Sue Lookhoff on March 8, 1936, but later settled with Sue Ane Langdon. One of her most notable appearances in film was playing Mitzi in Frederick de Cordova’s Western musical film Frankie and Johnny. Here are 7 interesting things about Sue Ane Langdon.

1. The Movies You Know Sue Ane Langdon From

Sue Ane Langdon in Roustabout

Sue Ane Langdon is remembered for several roles in TV and film. She portrayed the character of Mitzi in Frankie and Johnny. Mitzi was a singer and an on-and-off girlfriend of Clint Braden. Johnny’s (Elvis Presley) fascination with Mitzi gets Johnny’s girlfriend (Donna Douglas) jealous. Langdon is also fondly remembered for her role in another movie starring Elvis Presley. In the movie, Roustabout, Langdon plays a fortune teller, Madame Mijanou.

2. How Sue Ane Langdon Got Into Acting

Sue Ane Langdon in Room for One More

Before getting into television and film, Sue Ane Langdon began her career as a singer. Langdon performed at Radio City Music Hall in Midtown Manhattan, NY. She ventured into acting by appearing in stage productions. Soon after, she began to feature in small roles on television. It was from here she got the needed attention to star in movies.

3. Movies Sue Ane Langdon Has Starred In

Sue Ane Langdon in a scene in Zapped

Sue Ane Langdon appeared in her first movie in 1961. Langdon played Eulalie in the Robert Mulligan-led comedy-drama, The Great Imposter. Langdon’s acting career blossomed afterward, appearing in several lead roles from the mid-60s into the 70s. Langdon was in the 1965 Western comedy, The Rounders. Langdon played Mary and starred alongside Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda.

Langdon starred in the 1967 A Guide for the Married Man and A Man Called Dagger. She was in The Cheyenne Social Club (1970), A Fine Madness (1966), and The Evictors (1979). Towards the end of her career, she starred in the 1989 UHF and 1990 Zapped Again!

4. Sue Ane Langdon’s Television Debut

Sue Ane Langdon in Zapped

Sue Ane Langdon played a small role as Kitty Marsh in the NBC-led Bachelor Father from 1959 to 1961. In 1961, Langdon first appeared as Rowena Leach on CBS’s legal drama series Perry Mason. In 1962, she appeared on two episodes of Coronado 9. That same year, she got cast in her first regular role in The Honeymooners. Langdon played the iconic character Alice Kramden.

5. The Nominations & Awards Sue Ane Langdon Has Received

Sue Ane Langdon in an Ad

Sue Ane Langdon has received two Golden Globe Awards nominations in her career. Her first nomination came in 1971 for her performance in 1970 Arnie. She was nominated and lost in the Best Supporting Actress – Television category. The next year, Langdon received a similar nomination in the same category and film. However, this time, she was declared the winner. Langdon was honored at the 2003 Golden Boot Award for her exemplary work and contribution to film and television.

6. Other TV Shows Sue Ane Langdon Was In

Sue Ane Langdon in A Fine Madness

Sue Ane Langdon starred in several TV series in her career. Langdon was on the CBS TV sitcom Arnie as Lilian Nuvo. She played Rosie Kelly in NBC’s Grandpa Goes to Washington. Langdon also made guest appearances in several popular TV series at the time. She appeared in The Man from U.N.C.L.E, 77 Sunset Strip, Gunsmoke, The Wild Wild West, and Happy Days, amongst others.

7. Sue Ane Langdon Was Married To A Television Director

Sue Ane Langdon in A Man Called Dagger

Sue Ane Langdon fell in love and married Jack Emrek on April 4, 1959. Jack Emrek was an actor and TV director. As an actor, he played an Operations Chief in one episode of the TV series Men Into Space and himself in two episodes of It’s Your Bet. Emrek passed away on April 27, 2010. Sue Ane Langdon never remarried after his death.

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