My 600-lb Life: Sean’s Mother Helps Alter Their Eating Habits


A 26-year-old man named Sean who weighs more than 700 pounds has a large growth on one side and skin that is practically splitting apart, but his mother must alter both of their eating habits before he can be recommended for gastric bypass surgery.  How did Sean get this way?  According to TLC, Sean was traumatized by his parent’s divorce leading him to turn to food for comfort. Sean’s weight reached a dangerous level: 900-lbs, barely being able to stand for 30 seconds.

Can his mother come in and help?  Sean’s mother, too, is obese and realizes that for the two of them to go on then the eating habits they currently have need to stop.  But remember, Sean is still too heavy for surgery.  It’s going to take a ton of work for these two but with the help of doctors and a will to survive, perhaps they can shed their obesity and move on.


Each hour-long episode of My 600-LB. Life tells the powerful story of one morbidly obese individual — many who are home bound, relying on care just to live day-to-day — as they make the courageous decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The popular series documents the life-saving, but traumatic experience of surgery, the ups and downs of struggling with addiction and dependence, and the inevitable impact that change has on personal relationships. High-risk surgery, addiction, dependency, fear, pain, helplessness, victory, pride — this story is as much about heart as it is about weight loss.

In in Sean’s case we’re glad to know he has the support of his mother.  Can the two of them work together to get back to a place of reasonable health so they can get their lives in order?  Only time will tell but as in many cases on the show, it’s a long and difficult road.   But let’s see how far the human spirit can take Sean.  I predict it takes him very far.

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