5 Villains Naomi Watts Could Play in the MCU

5 Villains Naomi Watts Could Play in the MCU

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It sounds as though Naomi Watts is interested in adding yet another genre to her already impressive list of roles, and the MCU is in her sights, which is interesting, to say the least, but is also a big question mark when it comes to who she might be able to play. Despite being in her 50s, Watts is still a very attractive and fully capable actress that could take on a few different roles that might play to her strengths or force her out of her comfort zone. The great thing about the Marvel Universe is that there are a lot of characters that have yet to be fully utilized in the MCU, and it’s easy to think that Watts might be able to take on a number of them, given her acting talents. Who she could play, if she’s allowed to do so, is hard to pin down since there are so many different characters that could be used for various movies, and trying to determine where she might find the easiest fit is a little tough. There are roles that she wouldn’t be suited for either because she’s not the right person for them or the fact that they’ve already been established. Seeing her as a part of the Black Widow program might be possible, but it doesn’t feel like it would be right. 

Here are five Marvel villains that Naomi Watts might be able to portray. 

5. Morgan le Fay

Dark Avengers: Morgan Le Fay - MARVEL Future Fight

credit: Marvel Comics

As another villain for Doctor Strange to deal with, or perhaps someone who could take on the Avengers, Morgan le Fay is, as some people might guess, a former student of the wizard Merlin and is also immortal in the comics, meaning she could be a serious contender that could emerge as a real threat. Her ties to magic might make her a worthwhile villain for a Doctor Strange movie, or it could help her to become someone that might show up in another series or movie where such talents could be put on display for the audience to witness. It wouldn’t be the first time an Arthurian legend was brought to the screen, big or small, and seeing Watts as a brunette would be fun. 

4. Vertigo

Deadpool: Vertigo Dies - YouTube

credit: Marvel Comics

It might not appear that Vertigo’s power set is all that impressive, but has anyone ever tried to do anything when they’re so dizzy they can barely stand? Multiply that by ten to a hundred, and you might have an idea of what this character can do. Casting Naomi as this character could also be a link to the Savage Land in the MCU and could possibly open up the universe just a little more in order to welcome other characters. While Vertigo isn’t that well known to a lot of fans outside the comics and the old X-Men cartoons, it’s easy to think that she could be a fun and interesting character to bring into the MCU at this time. 


3. The Enchantress

Who is Enchantress In Marvel Comics? Origin, Story, Powers

credit: Marvel Comics

There is going to be another Thor movie, apparently, so it would be great to see more of the characters that he had to deal with on a regular basis, or every now and then, as they find their way into the tale. The Enchantress was kind of like Emma Frost of the X-Men, but she tends to stay behind the scenes far more often since it would appear that she’s not quite as durable or as forceful without her magic. Plus, her magic starts to fade and lessen in power the longer she’s away from Asgard, so it could be something to work with in the MCU since, much like Hela, it appears that she depends heavily on her proximity to her people when it comes to wielding her power. 

2. Moonstone

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This is another character that a lot of comic book fans might know very well, but others might have limited knowledge of if they know about her at all. With the idea that the Thunderbolts are coming to the big screen at some point, it feels easy to assume that Moonstone should at least be a consideration as a villain or as a character in the first place. Unfortunately, with many super teams, there is the downside that since their rosters change from time to time, we might never see certain characters who were vital to the team at one point and might have even played a bigger part. But it would still be nice to see this character show up. 

1. Miss Sinister

A Senhorita Sinistro se juntará à Nação X-Men? » Notícias de filmes,  resenhas de filmes, trailers de filmes, notícias de TV.

credit: Marvel Comics

I know that I’ve been one of those speaking out against gender-swapping roles in comic book movies, but the genius of this character is that she’s not really a swap but a contingency plan laid out by the original Mr. Sinister. Seeing the male version first would be great since it would then allow the natural progression to take place, and Miss Sinister could be brought to bear upon the MCU as a way to show that no matter which Sinister is being rolled out, the very name is going to mean trouble for whoever is in their path. 

Naomi Watts is a versatile actress that can take on pretty much any role she wants. 

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