5 Reasons Morty Could Be As Smart As Rick

5 Reasons Morty Could Be As Smart As Rick

5 Reasons Morty Could Be As Smart As Rick

The adventures never end with Rick and Morty, and we have many reasons to believe that there’s more to this show than the writers are letting us in on. Since season 1, we’ve been getting clues as to how smart or how dumb Morty really could be. We all know that Rick is the mad genius of the family, but as much as the writers keep telling us that Morty is the complete opposite of Rick, we can’t help but think that that’s not actually the case. We’ve listed 5 reasons why Morty might be just as smart as Rick (or maybe even smarter).

1. Morty can concentrate really well.

For a kid with a supposed learning disability, this is just impossible. In episode 2 of season 2, Morty was able to surprise a Telepathic Alien. How can anyone surprise someone telepathic, let alone an actual alien? Morty did, and it’s the first proof of his actual smartness. It might’ve been a momentary thing, but he did it nonetheless.

2. Morty can recognize things he shouldn’t be able to.

In season 1, Morty was able to save his life and his Grandpa’s life by remembering about the shoes they were wearing. These shoes let them walk on walls when the Bureaucrats cornered them. Even Rick recognized him for that. Also in season 2, Morty was able to recognize the Parasites’ weakness, all while Rick stood confused. This took all types of critical thinking for Morty to do to begin with, and simply put critical thinking takes brains.

3. Morty can be a leader.

Another evidence of Morty’s smarts is episode 6 in season 2 when Morty assimilated with the jungle people easily and even became their leader. Without having to compare this to what Rick did, what Morty was able to achieve required just the amount and type of mental ability that Rick had (or at least used).

4. He can figure things out on his own.

In season 3 episode 5, Morty worked Rick’s Morphizer without having to ask Rick for assistance. Morty even went ahead and turned his sister and mom back to normal. The most interesting part of this, though, is that he also thought about getting revenge on Summer’s boyfriend. No one dumb could ever think about revenge. It takes a kind of reflective quality to do so.

5. Morty can copy.

As long as you can copy, there’s a possibility you can also learn. Morty has shown this time again. He can copy Rick’s language and mannerisms easily, and while Morty does this to mostly impress and get Grandpa’s affirmation. However, this also means that Morty probably wants to be like his Grandpa in every way.

Maybe Morty is being set up to be smart in the future or even smarter than his Grandpa Rick; these clues seem to be pointing at that sentiment. Either way, Morty is certainly beginning to come to his own. There wouldn’t be any surprise at all if he ends up becoming rivals with his Grandpa one day.

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