5 Monsters From Kids Movies That Are Totally Terrifying

While most children’s films have a heart-warming story and lovable characters, there are some movies that are a little scarier. The storylines have darker elements or the movie has some weird and frightening characters. One type of character that these films may include is monsters. While some creatures are just amusing to watch, others have the potential to terrify children. Here are five monsters from kids movies that are totally terrifying.

1. The Gorax – Ewok Adventures

The Gorax was a giant creature that lived on the moon of Endor and attacked the villages of sentient Ewoks. These strange humanoid creatures look like no other monster ever seen on film and were the stuff of nightmares for many children who watched Ewok Adventures. Despite the fear factor associated with these characters, these monsters returned in later Star Wars movies to frighten a new generation of viewers.

2. Gremlins

The cute Gizmo character in Gremlins bears no resemblance to the terrifying gremlins that appear later in the film when the Mogwai comes into contact with water or eats after midnight. The monsters wreak havoc and mass destruction in the town and instill fear amongst the locals. The gremlins are even scarier in the second film in the series, ‘Gremlins: The New Batch’. They return more demonic and destructive than ever.

3. Mor’du – Brave

Brave is one of Disney’s darkest movies with some very adult themes running throughout. It also features one of the scariest monsters in a kids film. Mor’du is a large bear-like monster that lives in the Scottish Highlands. He is the main villain in Brave and he is a prince that has transformed into this monstrous bear because he let his desire for power overtake him. The monster is even scarier because he appears in the movie in the dark and frightening setting of the woods. Despite being such a frightening creature, there was a separate short film made about this character called ‘The Legend of Mord’hu’.

4. Return to Oz

Rather than there being just one scary monster in this movie, there is a whole collection of frightening inhuman creatures. From the headless princess to the Wheelies, there were plenty of characters to freak kids out and that’s if they made it past the opening scenes of Dorothy having electrotherapy treatment in a mental hospital. Perhaps the freakiest ‘monster’ in this film is Jack Pumpkinhead as this strange creature is enough to scare the living daylights out of many adults. Bizarrely, this character is one of the good guys in the film, but kids were still scared stiff. The film was so frightening that it failed dismally.

5. Skeksis – The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal is repeatedly included in lists of the scariest movies for children and on the reasons for this is the Skeksis. These are vulture-like monsters that kept blind people as slaves. This Jim Henson movie was supposedly a family-friendly film that used puppetry but children who watched it were terrified of the Skeksis.

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