5 Memorable Oktoberfest Scenes in Movies and Television

5 Memorable Oktoberfest Scenes in Movies and Television

As much fun as this festival is supposed to be you would think there would be more clips from more movies detailing just how awesome the experience is. The culture, the food, the beer, and the atmosphere would be unique enough that transposing it to film would be an experience for the viewer that could possibly bring more and more people to Oktoberfest and possibly make it even bigger. Already there are Oktoberfest celebrations all over the world that honor the festival and yet still make their own splash in local culture. It’s not just about the drinking, but that is a big part of it for some people.

In movies though it’s a sure sign that hilarity of some sort is about to start.

5. Married…With Children

I had to cheat just a little bit with this one because clips were so hard to find. In this episode, even though it’s not seen in the clip, Bud Bundy has to take his dad for his driving test, and we all know that when the Bundy’s get together there tends to be trouble. This time however Bud convinces his father to drive him and a female hitchhiker to Oktoberfest, with Al acting as chauffeur.

4. Oktoberfest

This is really more of a self-made documentary of a local Oktoberfest that is obviously packed the gills and a lot of fun. As I already said a lot of towns and cities celebrate their own version of the Oktoberfest as an homage and a means of respect to the original festival. In truth since so many families in the states would never have been here if not for European ancestors it makes a lot of sense to hold onto such a time-honored tradition.

3. Beerfest

Oh yeah. If you ever do get to make it to THE Oktoberfest in Munich, don’t engage in drinking songs or dancing unless you know what you’re doing. While it might not get this bad you’ll likely run the risk of offending someone for not knowing any good songs. Drinking songs are one of the best ways to party when you’re either drunk or on your way there. So brush up on a few good tunes and then make your way into the circle.

2. Grumpier Old Men

Yet another clip that I wanted to find the exact scene but couldn’t. In Wabisha, at least in this film, they have their own Oktoberfest as well. Given that so many of the townsfolk are descended from European heritage it kind of makes sense really. But during this particular festival Jacob and Melanie call off their marriage, and then Max and John call off their truce. And the games begin shortly after.

1. National Lampoon’s European Vacation

This is something else I was talking about. Don’t get up and dance if you don’t know how. The German dances are actually very interesting to watch and take some practice without a doubt. So if you get up and stumble around the chances are good that the dancers will take offense and while you might not get slapped, you might very well get booted off the stage.

If ever there was a festival that a person should go to at least once in their lives it’s Oktoberfest.


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