4000° Real Life Retractable Plasma Lightsaber Test

4000° Real Life Retractable Plasma Lightsaber Test

4000° Real Life Retractable Plasma Lightsaber Test

The hunt for the perfect lightsaber continues apparently with Hacksmith and as you can guess, they’ve created something impressive, but it does appear that they had fun with it as well since nothing says ‘good time’ like destroying various objects with a new creation. At the end of the day though they created a torch that burns at 4,000 degrees and can obviously go through pretty much anything it touches like butter. Okay, almost anything. It did have a bit of an issue just sliding through the cinderblock, but it went through just about everything else with relative ease since the torch shattered glass, even tempered glass, and punched through steel as if it wasn’t even there in some instances. You can say that it was bound to happen because it was, but holding onto that thing had to get pretty hot at some point since the heat being released from the torch would have to be insane. Just being near that thing would have been enough to make some folks uncomfortable, but those at Hacksmith are fully ready to get down and dirty with their creations, but thankfully there wasn’t a test to see if the saber would go through the engine block near the end of the video.

The idea of creating an actual, working lightsaber is not a new one, but the dynamics behind it have been described as impossible for those that are attempting to create something that is authentic to the Star Wars movies. Most people should be able to figure out the main problem, beyond the fact that it’s science fantasy and not technically science fiction, and should be able to admit that we don’t have anything like kyber crystals in this universe, at least that we know of or have access to. The unique crystal that a Jedi or a Sith places in their lightsaber is said to be attuned to the user in the Force, which is another huge gap that people have yet to cross in this world since like it or not, the Force is a great tool in the stories, but it’s not something we possess in reality. For that reason, human beings have to focus on creating something similar to a lightsaber, which has been done a couple of times at least, and probably more, since this torch is essentially hot enough to burn through just about anything, including a steel plate that could possibly resemble a blast door from the movie. The funny thing is that the blast door in the movie is probably made of something that would defeat a torch for a little while, at least long enough to arm and summon a battalion of droids to take care of the problem.

Lightsabers that are seen in the Star Wars movies have been drawn out and described in a few different books, and the dynamics of this magnificent but unrealistic weapon have been studied by many people and the reality is that what it would take to create this weapon just isn’t available to humans at this stage. Whether or not it will ever be possible is hard to say since the lightsaber is basically a loop of energy that is giving off heat and light, and is as dangerous to the wielder as it is to anyone else. That’s one of the reasons that, in the movies, wielding a lightsaber is not a great idea unless one is a Jedi or a Sith, or at least trained in its use and well aware of its destructive potential. What’s interesting though is something that was held as a belief by Obi-Wan Kenobi, that the lightsaber wasn’t as uncivilized as a blaster, which is kind of laughable when one really thinks about it since the lightsaber is a rather brutal weapon that removes limbs and can maim someone without much effort since all it takes is a swipe of the blade, which has all its weight in the hilt, and a limb might come free. That’s another thing to think about, the fact that light has no real weight, meaning that swinging a lightsaber shouldn’t require much force, but there have been times in the movies when we see Jedi and Sith apparently swinging for the fences. It definitely adds more drama to the scene, but when your weapon is made of a killing line of energy one would think that a lightsaber duel would be more like fencing than a full-on sword fight that relies on the strength and speed of the user.

Impressive as this cutting torch is, and it is without any doubt, it’s still just an extremely hot and over-sized lighter can effectively burn through anything it touches. If a real lightsaber is ever made, then it’s likely that it should be put away for safekeeping, since otherwise, it could become a weapon of mass destruction if it were ever replicated.

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