Why Should the 2003 Show “There’s Something About Miriam” be Revisited?

Why Should the 2003 Show “There’s Something About Miriam” be Revisited?

No really, the question is, why would we revisit this show from 2003? Despite taking its name from Something About Mary (it’d be funny if they denied it), the show was really nothing more than a giant goof to see who was the bigger man. If you needed any more proof all you’d have to do is watch the clip below to figure it out. Even before the men start giggling like idiotic schoolboys with a secret that’s just been revealed you get the idea from the name of the show that things are not what they seem.

Miriam is beautiful to be certain, but the title just tips its hand a little too much. Plus the type of filming that would need to be done and the mere fact that Miriam’s anatomy would have had to be covered and partially hidden for the  entirety of the show. And what if one of the guys had decided to get frisky and cop a feel? Likely it would have sparked some controversy and he would have rightfully tossed off the show, perhaps even with a gag order to keep him quiet. But the whole point of it is that the show was obviously kind of a sham from the get go.

Essentially it’s about a pre-operative trans woman looking for love on a public platform much as they do with the Bachelor and Bachelorette. The only difference is the trans part of it. People fall for these shows far too often to be believed since most of them are rigged and/or not at all real. Who know what’s going on once the camera is off? Who knows if they’re all sitting around laughing their butts off at the people that think the show is one hundred percent real? Plus, the guy she picks, Tom, didn’t seem nearly shocked enough to make anyone believe that he had no idea that this might be the case.

He stands there like a statue while the guys behind him are just yucking it up and having a good old time at his expense. None of them realize that had they been chosen they might have been the one standing there in ‘shock’ while the rest of the guys laughed at them. This is a big reason why it seems so staged and not at all real.

So why should we be revisiting this show now?

Is it because trans individuals are far more prominent now than they were back then? Or maybe it’s because the public needs to be more aware of just how trans folks can be just as fake as those that don’t feel the need to switch gender. It’s their choice obviously and it’s important to be who you feel you really are. There’s no condemnation when it comes to being trans or not, but broadcasting the idiocy of such a show seems to be a step backwards for trans folks, not a huge leap forward. Dating shows such as these tend to fool too many people into believing they’re real.  However, that the show existed and perhaps the chance to make something worthwhile today in the trans community is definitely worth nothing.


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