1899: Why You Should Watch

Netflix released 1899 on November 17th. And it’s already puzzling minds as it is a well-crafted mystery. There is already speculation about where the story will go in season 2. If you haven’t started one of Netflix’s hottest series, here are some reasons why you should.

Maura Franklin, played by Emily Beecham, is aboard the Kerberos. A ship full of immigrants sailed from Europe to America in 1899. Every person on this ship seems to be guarding a secret. It seems like they all have different reasons for making the trip. Some become very clear at the start of the season, while others are revealed much later.

Tip: Netflix might automatically choose the English dubbed version by default. I recommend switching to the original version audio. For instance, the characters speak different languages, which is important for the show’s story.

It has the same visionary team behind Dark

You will see a familiar face from Dark

Credit: Netflix

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the co-creators of 1899, also developed Dark for Netflix. Dark tells the story of a German town called Winden. When children suddenly start to disappear, the history of the town’s families plays a role in why everything is unraveling in the small town.

If you have not watched Dark, I highly recommend its three seasons as a follow-up after you finish 1899. Dark offers an elaborate mystery with complex characters, a straightforward story, and a satisfying ending. It is not very common to find new voices with a strong command of storytelling, and since minute one of Dark, you feel that you are in good hands.

The similarities between both shows run deep, and if you are fond of the style and storytelling of one of the shows, likely, you will also like the other.

1899 has a fresh take on mysteries

You should question everything

Credit: Netflix

A good mystery can be hard to pull off, as there have been plenty of shows that have struggled to conceal the mystery so much that they create a series that becomes hard to follow or that you can’t create an emotional connection with the characters; I’m looking at you, Westworld. The mystery at the heart of 1899 is complex, and the show is not afraid to confuse you. However, the show focuses on what each character is going through, which makes it easier to go along for the ride with them.

If you watched Dark, you know that the creators like to make layered mysteries, and although you will not have all the answers by the end of the season, the ones you get make for a very rewarding rewatch as you can retrace the events of the show with your newfound knowledge.

It has a unique aesthetic

1899's is one a very good looking show

Credit: Netflix

The visual language the creators have built for this show is very distinct. You can feel that there is a larger mystery unraveling at the bowels of the ship. And this is transmitted masterfully through custom, music, and set design. It all feels interconnected and part of the puzzle, like jigsaw pieces that somehow all fit together.

From beautiful landscapes and stunning interiors to the menacing sea that stretches outside the Kerberos. You can feel a heavy and dark atmosphere that indicates palpable danger looming for the characters.

1899 was filmed in the set known as The Volume, which you can see in the amazing behind-the-scenes feature on Netflix. This technology, first used in The Mandalorian, helped create the show’s atmosphere.

The international cast of 1899

The cast is amazing

Credit: Netflix

The cast of 1899 includes people from different countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, Cameroon, Hong Kong, Poland, Spain, and Portugal, among others. The characters speak different languages, and not all of them speak English. This makes for an additional problem when they try to communicate with each other and solve the problems facing the Kerberos.

The different nationalities also give the series a sense of realism and immersion. You can imagine what it must have felt like to be aboard a ship at the turn of the 19th century. At the start of the season, every group of passengers is dealing with their problems, like a recently married couple with marital issues or a Chinese daughter and mother trying to escape their homeland; however, soon, they will start crossing paths and will need to find ways to communicate among each other.

If you want a well-crafted mystery with a great cast, fantastic production design, interesting characters, and a powerful vision, you can stream 1899 on Netflix. With the renewal of The Sandman, and the recent announcement of the adaptation of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Netflix has continued to renew its slate of content.

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