100 Greatest Movie Lines of All-Time Get Funny Animated Interpretations

100 Greatest Movie Lines of All-Time Get Funny Animated Interpretations

100 Greatest Movie Lines of All-Time Get Funny Animated Interpretations

There are two things to note immediately upon the ending of this video of great movie lines, and without judgment they are the fact that someone loves the Gandalf line from Fellowship of the Ring, and someone is either a Trump supporter that has a great sense of humor, or an anti-Trump supporter that still has a pretty good sense of humor. When you think about it for a moment some of the greatest movie lines of all time can be used in a number of different ways as Nick Murray Willis has shown in this clip. Obviously Joey Paur of GeekTyrant feels the same since this video is making the rounds on the internet at the moment and has already become one of those that might possibly be talked about in certain circles. It’s interesting though to realize just where a line can be inserted in order to make it work, no matter how over the top it is. Gandal’s line “You shall not pass!” has been used over and over throughout the years and it’s not hard to see why since it’s so iconic and versatile in its simplicity that letting it just sit without using it any further feels like it might be a sin. Plus, some of the others that were used are usually pretty distinct and need a certain situation to work as they need to, but that one line is able to be placed in a lot of different situations. In fact back in 2013 it even found its way to the NFL when the Seattle Seahawks were on such a tear through the NFC. Likely as not other teams have made use of it as well, but when Richard Sherman was considered a shutdown cornerback it was definitely posted with a great deal of fan support.

Apart from that however the use of so many other classic lines has become kind of commonplace since a lot of people find use for them all the time. The Scarface quote “Say hello to my little friend” has been used in everything from the hilarious to the obviously pornographic, and in so doing has become an even bigger part of pop culture. Some lines are easy to remember and others might require a reminder as to what movie they come from, but movie buffs will no doubt recognize them and attribute them correctly to the movie they go with. It’s kind of amusing really to think that through an entire movie there are so many meaningful lines that can be used, and only a handful ever really get remembered. A good example is Die Hard, as the ‘yippe-kai-ay’ line is one of those that is bound to be the last memory to leave the public consciousness since it’s the one that’s been used over and over and has also been featured in every movie as well. This one line has been used to define an entire franchise really and in the first movie it almost felt like a throwaway line that might never have seen the light of day if someone else had anything to say about it. Yet it’s become such an iconic phrase that people might remember the line more than they remember the movie.

There are lines that are kind of hard to understand when it comes to wondering why they made the cut, as the Fifty Shades of Grey line was kind of ‘meh’ given that the one line tends to describe a lot of the movie. Other lines however are fairly interchangeable if slightly dramatic in how they’re delivered, but that is part of the point after all, to make it as funny as possible. Nick definitely accomplished that since the work he put in was worth the effort given that a lot of the imagery is pretty funny. Think back to Driver’s Education and getting your license. Remember how nervous a lot of us were? Now imagine some Gandalf-looking character announcing that we’d failed and would not pass at the end. How many of us would laugh right before we started getting depressed? Movie lines are usually something that can come and go depending on how popular the movie is and how the line is delivered since if you look at it this way, Ellen Ripley in Aliens could have screeched the line “Get away from her you bitch!” and it wouldn’t have been as memorable. But the fact that she started off with a low voice and raised it just enough to get that level of needed emotion at the end was great. That’s a big part of why we remember certain lines, the delivery and the tone. If a character went into a situation like George McFly from Back to the Future then it’s safe to say that a lot of great lines would be forgotten, but by being bold and stepping up or at least showing some confidence in a line a lot of actors have made it possible for some of the greatest lines to be fondly remembered even now.

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