10 Things You Don’t Know About Lauren Sorrentino

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lauren Sorrentino
10 Things You Don’t Know About Lauren Sorrentino

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It was 2009 when the world met Mike Sorrentino. Of course, the world knows him better than The Situation. He’s the Jersey Shore cast member who lived up to the GTL hype – or was he the Gym, Tan, Laundry hype? Either way, he’s come a long way in life since his 2009 days of clubbing and tanning. He’s a married man with a son and a baby. He and his wife welcomed baby Romeo in 2021, and now they’re set to welcome baby number two. With the exciting announcement circulating the web, fans are curious. Who is Lauren Sorrentino or Mrs? The Situation, as we like to call her?

1. What’s Her Maiden Name?

Lauren Sorrentino was Lauren Pesce. We don’t know much about her age and precise birth date, but we have heard rumors she was around 37 in 2022. We think she was born around 1985, so it’s safe to say she’s certainly in her late 30s. She and the Situation exchanged vows in 2018.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lauren Sorrentino

credit @lauren_sorrentino

2. Did You Know They’re College Sweethearts?

Not everyone knows this, but The Situation and Lauren were together in college. They grew up together during one of the most formative times in their lives, but their relationship ended when he began his reality television career. So was it part of a reality show that ended their relationship, or was it something else? There’s no natural way of knowing, but we know they broke up for several years before getting back together.

3. She’s Got a Following

She’s a woman with some serious fans. She’s not the reality star that her husband is, but she has a staggering 1.6 million followers on Instagram. That alone is worth millions in annual income when she uses her platform as an influencer.

4. She Worked on a Three-Year Situation

When she first met her husband, they dated for three years. The darling couple met in the most boring class on earth – math. They felt good about dating, and they did it for three years. It was from 2004 until 2007. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out following that. He filmed Jersey Shore for three years, and they didn’t reconnect until well after that.

5. She is Also A Reality Star

When the couple returned, they did the reality television thing together. They filmed the show Jersey Shore: Family Vacation together. The Situation used his platform for good that time around. Rather than wasting time and partying, he used it as a chance to ask his girlfriend to be his wife. They’d been back together for five years, so it was long overdue.

6. Her Honeymoon Did Not Go Well

We don’t mean their actual honeymoon – we don’t even know if they went on one together. We mean the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Traditionally, this is the first year of marriage. Her husband was sentenced to eight months in prison just before their wedding day, and he served most of those just a few weeks after exchanging their vows. It’s not the happiest way to go into a marriage, but they worked it out.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lauren Sorrentino

credit @lauren_sorrentino

7. She Suffered a Miscarriage

When Lauren and Mike made it a goal to start a family, they were so excited to learn in 2020 that it worked for them. They were pregnant and expecting, but then the worst possible Situation occurred. She miscarried their baby at the seven-week mark. She didn’t come out and talk about it, either. She needed time to grieve and figure it out. She talked about her miscarriage later and made it clear she was in a dark place.

8. She’s Wealthier Than Her Husband

Many people assume Mike Sorrentino has more money than his wife. He’s the giant star. People would know his name even if they did not watch the show. She’s relatively unknown in comparison. However, she’s worth somewhere around $4 million on her own. She has several businesses of her own, making her the more income-friendly half of the married duo. Her husband is only worth around $300k.

9. Her Marriage is an Open Book

She prides herself on being an open book regarding her marriage and her husband. She was hurt and sad when she and her husband lost their first pregnancy. She needed time to heal, but she didn’t feel like a weight was lifted from her shoulders until she shared with the world what had happened. She and her husband like to be honest and upfront with one another and their fans.

10. She’s into Real Estate

She’s a woman who does many things. When she’s not on reality television, she’s selling homes. When she’s not selling homes, she’s influencing people on social media. She’s got some clothing lines alongside her husband, as well. She’s aware of the importance of having multiple streams of income.

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