10 Things You Don’t Know About Austin Kevitch

10 Things You Don’t Know About Austin Kevitch
10 Things You Don’t Know About Austin Kevitch

Credit: @austinkevitch

When you are the man dating the beautiful Camila Cabello, your privacy goes out the window. When Austin Kevitch and the famous singer chose to go public with their romance, the game changed for this relatively private man. He’s now in the public eye, and it seems everyone wants to know more about him.

1. He’s A Founder and CEO

Have you heard of the Lox Club dating app? Probably not, if you are in a happy, healthy relationship. To get you up to speed, however, it’s a dating app that Austin Kevitch created. He’s doing well with it, and he feels that it’s his own previous experience with being single and trying to date that has given him so much success in creating this app.

2. Austin Kevitch is a Little Older Than His Love

Camila Cabello is around 25. He’s around 31. He’s older, but he is not so much older that anyone is raising any eyebrows or wondering if someone is creepy. They’re a great age for one another, and they look great together. All we know about his date of birth is that it’s sometime in 1991.

3. His Girlfriend Has a Very Famous Ex

If anyone is taking notes, you know that Camila Cabello was in a long-term relationship with another singer. She and Shawn Mendes were together for a long time but split last year. While they’ve both remained relatively tight-lipped about their split, we cannot help but wonder how her new man feels about his girlfriend previously dating someone so famous.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Austin Kevitch

Credit: @austinkevitch

4. He is the Man Who Had the Best Revenge

His dating app is his own form of revenge, and we love it. He came up with the concept of this dating life app when he was in the midst of a painful breakup. His heart was broken, his life was in shambles, and he didn’t see anything but sadness. He knows the pain and the annoyances of the single life, and he’s been able to make his life a raging success since. He got the best course of revenge, making himself rich and famous after a breakup.

5. His Dating App is Not His Only App

In addition to his successful dating app, he’s the founder of another business too. He’s not a man who sits back and allows life to pass him by. He works hard, he does what he can to succeed, and he gets things accomplished. Brighten is the other business the young CEO founded. It’s all about software development.

6. He’s a Former Athlete

Can you say former? Are you ever really a former athlete, or are you an athlete who formerly played sports? Well, either way, Austin Krevitch played sports. He ran track, played football, and he played basketball in high school. He even played football in college. Krevitch was a student at a relatively small, private university called Brucknell University.

7. He’s Got Something in Common with The Fresh Prince

He was born and raised in Philly. We don’t know if he was in west Philadelphia, born and raised, but we do imagine he spent some time on the playground most of his days. See what we did there? He’s a Philly native. He lived there with his mom and dad, and he also has a brother and a sister.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Austin Kevitch

Credit: @austinkevitch

8. He’s Sarcastic, and He Appreciates Sarcasm

To be frank, anyone without an appreciation for sarcasm is a little suspicious, don’t you think? He’s all about it, and he finds it a virtue. He’s not wrong, honestly. Sarcasm is often the only response to anything happening in life, and it also makes life more enjoyable. If you cannot be sarcastic with the people you love the most, what’s left?

9. He’s Doing Well

It seems Austin Kevitch is currently worth around $5 million. It’s not bad for a guy who is in his early 30s and began his business after a breakup. He continues to expand his business and make things work more successfully, which means he’ll only increase his net worth after 2022.

10. Austin Kevitch Seems Quite Happy

Perhaps he’s found the one. Or, perhaps he and Camila Cabello are simply having a great time, taking things slow, and really enjoying one another. Whatever it is, he seems like he’s in a good place, and so does she. We can be curious about him all we want, but what really matters is whether he’s happy in his current relationship.

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