10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tanya Burr

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tanya Burr

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tanya Burr

Who we choose to see as famous in this world at this point is kind of a confusing thing since every now and then individuals will pop up that you don’t recognize, haven’t seen before, and yet are known to many upon many people for one reason or another because, ding ding ding, they’re on the internet. This is at least partially the case for Tanya Burr, who has made a huge reputation for herself online and yet otherwise is largely unknown. That might seem unkind but when a person comes along and seems to gain this kind of attention it does kind of deserve a huge question mark and, hopefully, an explanation. Barring that however one can say that she’s made her way forward in life on her own merit and has found a way to get people to pay attention to her and subscribe to a channel that does what many have done since 2005, convince others that they’re worth watching.

Here are a few things you might not know about Tanya.

10. As you might expect she has a very big following on social media.

How people get into the million mark when it comes to subscribers and followers is just absolutely confusing at times but it can’t be denied that people are watching them for a reason and that they’re following isn’t an accident or a fluke. A few hundred thousand might a be fluke, but millions is something else entirely.

9. Apparently becoming a blonde did a lot for her self-esteem.

She did this after her separation from her husband apparently and for some reason it seems to have given her a new perspective and outlook on life. That might make a lot of people roll their eyes but if you see it from her perspective it might make a lot of sense. Sometimes it does take only a small bit of something to really make a person feel better. So roll your eyes, but admit that it’s to each their own.

8. She did study to become a makeup artist.

Believe it or not this profession does take studying and before you make light of it there is something to the profession no matter that it does seem a little more superficial than others. It’s still something that you have to know a little bit about if you’re going to try to show others how to do it.

7. Tanya has her own YouTube channel.

Since 2005 YouTube has been giving a voice to anyone and everyone that has an idea or just something to say and enough tech savvy to make it online and find out how to post videos to those that they want to reach. So it’s not too hard to see how just a mention of how to apply her skills to a wider medium might have gotten her attention.

6. She did open up her own cosmetics line.

Apparently her cosmetics line hit the ground running and has been selling rather nicely since she got started. Men might not understand cosmetics as much but they do understand numbers and according to those that have been paying attention her line has managed to do so well that products were flying off the shelves for a while.

5. Her acting debut came in 2017.

The chances are good that you haven’t seen her all that often unless you know who she is and have followed her career. But considering that she just started a couple of years ago it’s fair to say that you might not have seen a lot of what she can do just yet.

4. She married another YouTuber.

One has to wonder if they met online or just happened to meet and discovered that they both had a passion for YouTube. However it happened they eventually got together but did eventually part ways after a while.

3. Her net worth is kind of impressive.

While her net worth is in British pounds it’s still impressive since it’s well over a million, meaning that when you do the math and convert it to US dollars that it’s even more impressive. It would appear that cosmetics and online vlogging on how to apply them is worth a good deal of money.

2. There isn’t a whole lot about her on the internet.

You can find information on her business, her cosmetics line, and about how she was divorced and how she felt about it, but apart from that there really isn’t a whole lot on her when you get right down to it. In fact it would almost appear as though someone just gave the bare bones of who she is and what she does in order to have something online.

1. Apparently she’s quite popular on her channel.

Her following is something that you can easily assume means she’s a very popular person.

Look her up, she definitely seems kind of interesting.

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