10 Things You Didn’t Know about Neve Campbell

Classic beauty might be something you’d hear when describing Neve Campbell since she’s not quite exotic and she’s definitely not quite the girl next door type. She’s something else that seems down to earth and yet hard to approach at times since she seems quite intense in a way that almost speaks of a soul that hasn’t quite found her purpose but is constantly searching. Of course that could be a matter of perspective since Neve has done so much in her life that it might be a bit difficult to say that she’s looking for much more than a quiet moment now and again. With what she’s done in her career to this point it’s hard to say that might be trying to raise the bar any higher in terms of her movie and TV standing, but when it comes to life in general she seems primed and ready to go out and make a difference in more than one way.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Neve.

10. She was supposed to be in Rounders but had to turn it down.

To be honest Rounders never really gained the kind of critical acclaim that might have been desired but it was still a fun movie. Neve might have been lost in the mix however since the film was mostly about Matt Damon’s character. But she was already committed to Scream 2 and had to bow out.

9. Neve had a nervous breakdown when she was 14.

Apparently she was so stressed out that she lost all of her hair at this time. For a 14-year old this seems not so much tragic as it does odd but thankfully her hair did grow back after extensive acupuncture treatments.

8. A fan actually tried to get an autograph from her in a restroom stall.

You might think the paparazzi are bad when it comes to things like this but fan can obviously get downright crazy when it comes to getting an autograph. This would likely make a lot of people quite irate and there’s no reason to think that Neve wasn’t put out just a bit, but she asked the fan if she could finish her business before signing.

7. She appeared as a ballerina in a production of Phantom of the Opera.

It seems she was also one of the background singers in the production as well. This timeless classic is one of those that can really boost a person’s career just by being involved with it in some way, especially if that involvement happens to be something that might get them noticed.

6. Neve started out with a ‘no nudity’ clause in her contract.

If you’ll remember she was one of the top leading ladies when the Scream movies came out and young men, let’s be honest here, were dying to see her with her top off. But if you saw anything it was her back and not much else since she didn’t do fully nude scenes at that time. She relaxed that clause for a couple of movies, but she’s stayed pretty classy throughout her career.

5. Unfortunately she had to give up on being a ballerina.

Her joints were simply too worn and battered to offer much in the way of support any longer and she had to have a bunion removed from her big toe. This might be saddening except for the fact that she’s stuck close and still enjoys ballet in any way she can. Just being there sometimes is a balm to many people when they can’t perform any longer.

4. She used her fame from Party of Five to raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome.

This was after her young brother was diagnosed with TS. Since then she’s been using her status as a way to bring awareness to the syndrome through fundraisers and conferences that are created to help people understand it and accept it for what it is.

3. She’s one of the only three actors to appear in all of the Scream movies.

You had to go back and look at that, didn’t you? If you exclude some of the characters that are possibly still alive from movie to movie but don’t make it into each film then you might be able to argue. But in terms of main characters Sidney, Dewey, and Gail are the only three characters that go through the entire franchise without being killed outright. They definitely take their lumps, but they’re still standing at the end.

2. Neve isn’t a big horror fan despite being a part of it.

That’s kind of surprising to hear but it’s also telling since she hasn’t been as big a part of horror since her time with the Scream movies.

1. She auditioned for Baywatch once.

Apparently it was believed that she was too pale and just wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. That seems a poor way to look at it, but oh well, she went on to become famous for so much more anyway.

She’s a very classy woman, that much is obvious.

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