10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kristen Doute

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kristen Doute

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kristen Doute

The criteria for being a celebrity these days has gone way down it seems since anyone that gets lucky enough to be on TV or in a movie, even if it’s watched by very few people, can lay claim to the fame that comes from being online and on camera in a manner that gets their face out to the public. Kristen Doute is one of those cases in which a person might not know who she is but they could be persuaded into finding out more about her until they discover that the internet hasn’t fully fallen in love with her just yet, meaning that neither has the general public. Now to be fair she has been in a few projects that people might have seen, but given that there are so few of them at this point and that several of them are specialized shows and movies that seem to be targeting those that are in the know about such productions it’s hard to say that she’s really earned her celebrity credentials just yet.

Here are a few other things you might not have known about Kristen.

10. She’s been on Vanderpump Rules.

This is a reality show about an upscale restaurant that features the cast interacting with the guests and with one another. It’s almost like another Real World but in a restaurant setting, which isn’t all that optimal since it kind of indicates that people simply come there to be part of the show and therefore part of the drama. It’s not hard to imagine that ‘guests’ are carefully screened before they’re allowed in.

9. Apparently she and a fellow cast member, an ex-boyfriend, had a less than friendly falling out.

If you’re surprised by this then you really haven’t seen a good number of reality shows lately since no matter what the show is about or where it’s set people are going to get together, they’re going to experience problems, and they’re going to eventually vent those problems because that’s what the script calls for. How far they take it is usually up to them, but guaranteed there is a formula for reality TV.

8. There isn’t a lot of information to be found aside from social media.

She gets a lot of mentions and a lot of shout-outs but aside from her social media it’s likely that you won’t find a lot of information on Kristen across the web since it would seem that she hasn’t really given much to go on or those reporting on her haven’t found anything worth exposing just yet.

7. She’s been shown to be kind of a hypocrite.

Whether this is just the show ramping up the drama or a true and honest conflict that she’s brought on herself the idea of cheating is, to her, abhorrent, though when she cheats it seems that she ‘just made a mistake’ according to others, even the woman whose boyfriend she cheated with.

6. Her acting credits are kind of in short supply.

Calling her a celebrity is almost like placing a marker on the putting green when waiting to take your shot. It’s there to be picked up and resumed when it’s your turn, but so far her turn seems a long time in coming. It could still happen after all, but it’s still a wait.

5. Right now it’s a toss-up to say whether she’s a worthwhile celebrity or not.

What she’s done so far is go on TV and into a few movies and shown that she can stand upright and not flub too badly when it’s her turn to talk. Other than that she hasn’t shown a great deal of range or ability that people can really back up with any substantial facts.

4. At this moment it seems the pinnacle of her career is Vanderpump Rules.

It’s too easy of a target to be honest, but instead I’ll try to be fair and say that she’s there while a lot of others that would like to be are not. Stating that this is the peak of her career seems a bit dismal but perhaps it will be the chrysalis she busts out of eventually.

3. Controversy seems to be her thing at this time.

On reality TV this is the bread and butter of any show since controversy gets the ratings to jump like a shot of adrenaline to the system. The more controversy, the more people want to watch since they don’t want to miss a single moment of people hollering at each other or finding out that this person slept with that person. It’s like a virus almost.

2. Her ex-boyfriend’s mom actually called her and another cast member out.

This was kind of an oddity since you don’t always hear about the parents of celebrities getting into the mix, but apparently her ex’s boyfriend decided to put her two cents in. Unfortunately it didn’t do much good.

1. It looks as though she’s had cosmetic work done whether she admits it or not.

There are pictures on her Instagram account that almost look as though she’s getting Botox injections, though whether she would admit to this or not is hard to tell.

Kristen, if you were starting to forget her name already.

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