Artist Creates Extraordinary Star Wars and Pop Culture Animatronics

Artist Creates Extraordinary Star Wars and Pop Culture Animatronics

It’s amazing what some folks can create when they put their minds to it, and animatronics are almost always fun to watch, but also a little creepy depending on how they’re created and what they’re programmed to do. But the pop-culture creations that are put together in the videos below are nothing short of amazing since the imagination that went into them is evident and the purpose they’re being used for is definitely amusing. It’s easy to wonder how much time each creation takes to put together since taking a guess, some of it doesn’t take that long, while other parts might actually require a bit of time and patience to get things the way that the creator wants them. It also makes a person wonder if the individual is putting these items up for sale or if this is just a hobby that the creator has become very good at. It’s likely that each one of these pieces might fetch a decent price. If nothing else it would be a great conversation piece to put on the shelf so that people could admire it.

Here are several videos showing some of the more impressive creations.

A stormtrooper playing the piano, and playing the Star Wars theme no less, is pretty amusing and kind of cool since looking at this and how it works makes it feel simple but trying to recreate it doesn’t feel like it would be that easy. From the pose to the coloring to the way it comes together so well one can’t help but think that Danny Huynh not only has a lot of time on his hands, maybe, but that he’s definitely a technical-minded individual that simply knows how these things work and can possibly put them together and take them apart with ease. It’d be nice to have that ability and to be honest, it can be learned, but some are born with the ability to look at things like this and figure out how they need to be set up in order to work.

The combination of rifle and guitar is a nice touch, as is the fact that the body is from different figures. That gives this creation a very unique look that might be a little creepy but also makes it something that people might be interested in. To be honest, it looks like something from an MTV video decades ago, which brings back a lot of nostalgia but also makes it easy to say that it’s fun to look at and kind of awkward but in a really good way. One might almost expect this figure to start walking around the stage at some point.

No offense to the dark lord, but it looks like he’s fallen on hard times with that vest and from the way he’s bent over the piano. It’s likely that he’s not going to play any ragtime tune or anything fun, but it is surprising that Danny didn’t set him up with the Imperial March for this clip. Maybe this display can only take on one song, who knows. But it’s still a fun bit since it does make Darth Vader look like he stepped into the club to get away from the business of blowing up planets and hunting Jedi just for a spell.

Somehow this reminds me of a Gorillaz video, and one might expect to hear the song Clint Eastwood at one point. But the two figures keep to the programmed song and look like they’re ready to get up and jam as the music plays on. It’s curious that Danny repurposes some of the props for each set since the guitar is easily remembered from one of the videos above, as is the masked stormtrooper with a hood over his head.

Of all the songs to use the xenomorphs for this one is all kinds of perfect since Sympathy for the Devil is the type of song that could actually work in one of the Alien movies if anyone had had the opportunity to even think about getting permission for it. But then, that might have been kind of corny, or might have been seen as too much foreshadowing since some of the humans in the movies can be worse than the aliens.

This one doesn’t feature any music but it’s still an impressive design since the actual motor that’s running is interesting and the overall design is something that could possibly be used in a movie if anyone was to think of it.

Hearing one of Michael Jackson’s old hits remixed in this manner is kind of cool and definitely bound to get the attention of a lot of people. It’d be great to know if Danny sells these creations simply to see what they might be priced at.

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