10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Knight Fight”

The History channel seems to be pulling out the stops every so often when it comes time to compete in the ratings and Knight Fight is one of those shows that proves it. As eye-popping and ridiculous as it first sounds you might actually find yourself drawn into the idea since it is kind of interesting to think about someone that would willingly don a metal suit of armor and hack away at someone else that does the same thing. It’s a medieval version of WWE in a way, but with weapons, and a lot less high flying obviously. The show looks like it’s absolutely brutal and it most likely is, but to say that it’s not worth watching might be a bit premature since the violence quality might unnerve some people, but the measures they take to insure the safety of the combatants should hopefully win a few people over and pique their interest as to how faithful these individuals have been in the recreation of their armor and weaponry.

Here are a few things you might not have known that might increase your interest in the show.

10. It’s hosted by Christian from the WWE.

It’s always nice to see a familiar face on a new show since it brings a bit of comfort to those that might have trouble easing into a new program like this. While his WWE career isn’t what it used to be Christian is still every bit the superstar that many people remember and is easily charismatic enough to step into such a role.

9. The contestants are trained professionals.

These aren’t novices that have never tried this before that are stepping into the ring. Each contestant has been performing in this manner for long enough to know how to wield the weapons and how to move with the armor.

8. Each contestant has their own armor that they’re comfortable with.

One very important aspect in any sport is to know your equipment and this holds just as true here. These contestants know very well what they’re doing and each one of them has either crafted their own armor or has been practicing and fighting in it long enough to know how it moves and how it fits best. There’s not a lot of risk when it comes this portion of the show since the contestants trust their own equipment.

7. All the weapons are blunted.

Even in metal armor there are seams and openings so it’s necessary to keep the edged weapons blunted since accidents can happen and this is a show that’s meant for entertainment, not a public execution. Still, the weapons can hurt when a slip happens so it’s always necessary to make sure that the edges are ground down as much as possible without sacrificing the structural integrity.

6. The weapons are all to scale and very real.

Aside from being blunted the weapons are full scale and are very real, meaning they can hurt when they hit if an opponent isn’t fully prepared. The contestants aren’t out to injure one another but things do happen.

5. There is a great deal of camaraderie in the show.

This is what takes at least some of the risk out of the contest since the contestants are always aware of how hard they’re hitting and when it might be time to back off just a bit. Despite being a full-on battle they tend to ask one another if they’re alright between rounds and if everything is okay.

4. Every measure of safety is taken to prevent any serious harm.

Since metal armor against human skin is bound to leave a mark and allow massive trauma to be inflicted upon outer and inner tissues there are layers of padding underneath these suits of armor that are designed to dull the blows and allow the contestants some measure of comfort.

3. There’s a $10,000 prize at the end and a championship belt.

So yes, it’s more than just a chance to bludgeon one another repeatedly, there is a prize that they’re going for and it is worth the risk and the intense battles that these people go through. It seems like the prize should be a little higher but it could be what’s in the budget so aspiring to anything greater would mean that the show has to garner more interest from the public. But $10k is nothing to sneeze at really.

2. Each suit of armor weighs about 80 lbs. or so.

Think about that. This is a sport in which people are swinging weapons and moving about with something that’s possibly half if maybe a little less of their body weight strapped to them. Just thinking of that might make some people tired.

1. This is a full-contact sport.

This should be pretty obvious by now. It’s not a tap, tap, tap and you’re done sport. They’re going to town on one another and wailing away as hard as they can.

It seems like it’d be worth it to watch at least one episode in the hopes of getting hooked.

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