Looks Like We Were Right About Away” Netflix Cancelled It After One Season

Looks Like We Were Right About Away” Netflix Cancelled It After One Season

Looks Like We Were Right About Away” Netflix Cancelled It After One Season

There are times when we get to say ‘told you so’ in this business, but it’s not always a proud moment since it means that another story will have reached a premature end. In this instance, it’s the show Away on Netflix, and it was a show that a lot of people felt was going to get the ax since it didn’t really feel like the show had the level of confidence that was needed for it to continue. The story wasn’t terrible really, but there was something fairly disjointed about it that didn’t give a lot of viewers the feeling that it would be sticking around for that long. It could have been the idea that it didn’t feature a lot of big, well-known names, or it could have been that we’ve seen so many movies about heading into space that we’re starting to show a bit of fatigue, but whatever it is, Away is bound to sit on the shelf in the archives for a while until someone decides that it’s worth another go. If that ever happens then it’s certain that someone has a bit of ambition and has convinced those that are running the show to take another run at it. But at this moment it really feels that the show might be shelved for a long time to come.

It’s not likely that this will be the last time we’ll hear about Away, as the idea of bringing back shows is something that has been as a popular practice lately. It might take a little while for someone to come around and notice the show again, or it could be picked up next year depending on who looks at it and thinks that they can do something with it. But missions to Mars, space travel, and the like have become a very normalized and therefore kind of saturated storyline that has been done over and over again in so many ways that trying to get excited about anything that has to do with space takes a special kind of touch that Away just failed to provide. There’s not much to be said about the acting other than it’s not likely a big part of why the show was canceled since the actors are fairly solid, but experiencing a soap-opera type of story while in space feels like something that might need to be put on hold, which means it’s no so much the actors that are responsible for this, but the writers that felt it would work and add a bit of drama to a story that might otherwise feel a bit dull. That’s kind of funny really since a trip to Mars would be dramatic enough, especially when most of the crew doesn’t like their pilot to begin with. How would that need any more drama to make it work?

In any case, the show is over and done with as another season is a no-go and the story is going to have to sit as it is, which isn’t such a bad thing since the storyline didn’t appear to need to go any further considering how it ended. People might find that they’re not satisfied by the show’s ending, but then, finding someone that was fully pleased with how it was going is kind of hard to do. Some shows just don’t perform as well as others as it’s been shown throughout the history of TV, and when it happens that a show can’t pull its weight and gain the attention of the audience a few different things can happen, among them being an early cancelation that might upset some people but not surprise others in the least. This is one of those that hasn’t divided fans in a huge way since there’s no huge outcry to bring Away back as there has been with other shows that people have felt weren’t given a fair chance, so it does feel as though Away was an attempt that just didn’t pan out well enough to really deserve the extra shot. If there are any fans out there that lament the fact that this show is going away, no pun intended, they haven’t been too broken up about it since unlike the endings to Dexter and Game of Thrones, there hasn’t been any word about petitions being passed around to keep the show running.

In a way, this is kind of how it should happen when any show is canceled since like it or not, the Hollywood machine will keep rolling forward whether people are happy with the way things ended or not. Voicing a complaint about how things have turned out is all well and good, but expecting the business to listen and to back up and say ‘oh, my bad’ before doing exactly what people profess to want is pushing it.

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