The Winchesters and Taylor Swift Combine For This Awesome Supernatural Parody

So what do you get when you combine Sam and Dean Winchester with Taylor Swift? Turns out a pretty terrific (and incredibly hilarious) Supernatural parody. Following the show’s Season 10 finale last night, The Hillywood Show has released its “Supernatural Parody” video, which the YouTube channel has been teasing for over a week. The video does a funny (and pretty great) job of summing up the events of the past season, which has been very focused on Dean suffering from the Mark of Cain and the pain and worry it has caused Sam and Castiel, all while being set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s infectious “Shake It Off.”
The parody stars Hilly Hindi as Dean, Orsic Chau (who played Kevin Tran on Supernatural) as Sam, Hannah Hindi as Castiel, Adam Stuckey as Crowley, and Rob Benedict (who plays Chuck on Supernatural) as Cain. Hannah Hindi directed the parody, which Hilly wrote the screenplay for; both of them wrote the lyrics for the “Shake It Off” cover. Check out the video below, which also features some pretty fantastic references to earlier moments on the show and some amazing cameos near the end from a few very familiar faces.
So just how many Supernatural stars were in that video, dancing around there at the end? The short answer: a ton. The long answer: Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), Osric Chau (Kevin Tran), Rob Benedict (Chuck), Richard Speight, Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel), Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Timothy Omundson (Cain), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Sebastian Roche (Balthazar), Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester), Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel), Lauren Tom (Linda Tran), Travis Aaron Wade (Cole Trenton), Tyler Johnston (Samandriel/Alfie), and Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester).
As someone who has watched Supernatural from the very beginning, I have to give both Hilly and Hannah an enormous amount of praise for how well this video was done and for the little references and callbacks they were able to throw into it (like Jensen Ackles’ “Eye of the Tiger” lip syncing performance at the end of “Yellow Fever”). This is a must watch if you love Supernatural.
What did everyone else think of the video? Did you enjoy it as much me? Comment below and let me know.
[Photo via YouTube]
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