10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Nolan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Nolan

Katie Nolan seems like the kind of woman that a lot of guys would get along great with or some guys might actually be intimidated by since she knows a great deal about sports and could likely talk a lot of us under the table when it really comes down to it. On top of that she does have a number of other skills that have seen her through to this point and allowed her to become a known commodity in the world of sports and TV. So far in her career she’s done quite a bit and at this point she’s only in her early 30s, so you can imagine how much more she has to give and how much she’s going to be capable of in the years to come. It’s fair to say that her knowledge and her experience are only going to increase side by side as she continues to do what she does best while using that skill, charisma, and charm to win over the audience.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Katie.

10. Katie won 2 gold medals in the 1997 Junior Olympics in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

If you’re not really certain what this is then try and bring to mind the routines in which gymnasts use implements such as ropes, a hoop, a ball, clubs, or ribbons along with their movements. It all looks very pretty and almost flawless when done right, but if you can imagine how much time and effort go into this you wouldn’t think it looks anything close to easy.

9. She has the Guinness World Record for most donuts stacked in a minute.

This might not sound like much but adding in the fact that she had to stack them in a tower and had to be blindfolded at the same time is something that would easily increase the level of difficulty and therefore make it a little more impressive. Granted, it’s still stacking donuts, but try it and see how simple it is.

8. Her social media following is fairly busy.

She’s got a couple hundred thousand plus followers on her social media accounts so it’s not the biggest following in the world but it could be steadily growing for all we know. Given that she’s still gaining popularity those numbers could increase eventually.

7. Katie is an American sports personality.

Let’s just say when it comes to certain sports that Katie knows her stuff. She’s been a panelist in the past and could easily fill the spot if she had to just about anywhere that would have her, and she’s got enough knowledge to work from to talk to anyone about sports and seem completely on top of things.

6. She used to work as a bartender in Boston.

As a bartender you’ve got to be more than just a person that serves drinks. Essentially the bartender is the nerve center of a bar unless there’s a manage present, and will have to be able to see what’s going on, who’s doing okay and who looks like it’s time to go and so on and so forth. In other words the bartender has to be the person that’s in the know when it comes to the bar.

5. Katie started out with her own blog.

This seems to be the way to go for some folks as they start writing things down whether they be opinion or facts that can be easily checked and then their opinions start getting noticed by others and possibly picked up if they meet the right people and make the right connections.

4. Her net worth at this time is around $1.5 million.

This might not sound like much compared to a lot of people that are in the spotlight but let’s be honest and say it’s still a good chunk of change. Katie might not be a movie star but she’s pulling her weight and doing what she can to make her reputation continue to expand.

3. She does her best to keep her love life away from her work.

This almost always seems like the best idea for anyone since it can save relationships and save a lot of hassle. The fact that so many people want to know a person’s relationship status is kind of disturbing in a way since it’s not really anyone else’s business.

2. Katie even keeps her salary close to vest.

Some folks don’t mind other people knowing that they make and others kind of want to keep it on the down low as once again, it’s not something that needs to be tossed around so casually.

1. It’s been seen that Katie has a few skills she can call upon.

On top of everything Katie minored in dance when she was in college so it’s a fair bet that she could take just about anyone she met in a dance-off unless they were just as skilled if not more so.

She seems like a really interesting person.

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