10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hayley Orrantia

Anyone that’s watched The Goldberg’s is probably familiar with Hayley Orrantia since she’s been a big part of the show since 2013, but apart from that she’s a singer as well that has done a few very notable projects that might have been noticed by many people. With that in mind it’s kind of hard to see how she doesn’t have a bigger online presence, but it could be that she either doesn’t disclose everything, which isn’t exactly the norm when it comes to show business, or she hasn’t done as much in her career as of yet. Looking at her filmography it’s still pretty bare despite the fact that she’s been busy for the last 8 years and counting. There’s a lot of time yet for her to get going however, as she’s still young and has a lot left to do. Whether she continues to focus on being a singer and an actress in the future is hard to predict, but whatever she does it would seem that she’s primed to be good at either.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Hayley.

10. Her first acting role came when she was 17.

The first time she got in front of the screen was for a commercial much like a lot of actors. This seems to be a great way to get a start and it makes sense as it’s more a process of easing someone into the feel of it rather than slam-dunking them into the midst of a project and saying ‘act’.

9. She auditioned on The X Factor at one point.

Hayley was part of a girl group that was eliminated eventually but it seems kind of odd how the contestants are lumped together at times. It makes a bit of sense in some regards but otherwise some of them might have a better chance on their own.

8. Hayley’s been a big hit on YouTube.

YouTube is definitely the place to go if you want your material to be seen, heard, and liked or even commented on a few thousand times in an hour or so. There are literally millions of people that use YouTube in one fashion or another and the probability of getting noticed is much greater in some cases.

7. She started singing at the age of 9.

Obviously singing is something that Hayley has been interested in for quite some time and it shows since she’s been allowed to use her talented voice during her acting as well. This is great since it allows her to employ her acting skills and her singing skills at once, showing people that she’s definitely one of the more talented people in show business.

6. After her junior year of high school she decided to be home-schooled for the remainder of her education.

This was apparently so she could focus more on her music. Obviously it worked and it does make a bit of sense considering that some seniors don’t have a lot of credits left to earn for graduation by their senior year and staying in the classroom does kind of limit the time she could use to practice.

5. Her boyfriend was apparently stealing thousands of dollars from her behind her back.

She had no idea until he was caught it would seem, but this is hardly the kind of romance one would think that ends in a happy manner. He was doing this to more than one person though it sounds like and he was eventually caught. But Hayley was crushed since she thought that they were really in love.

4. It’s amazing that her social media numbers aren’t higher.

It is kind of interesting how a performer gets so many fewer followers on social media, on average, than say a model or someone that doesn’t do quite as much in terms of acting or performing.

3. She wrote her first song at the age of 13.

Anyone can write, that much is a fact. But writing to an audience and writing to make sense in your own words and express your own feelings in a way that will touch someone and make them feel the kind of emotions you might be feeling takes a bit more talent than it sounds like. To do this at 13 might sound like it’s the idealistic hobby of a kid, but in all honesty you feel things so much more acutely when you’re younger that it comes out in a much more honest way at times.

2. There isn’t a lot of hard information on her past or upbringing.

There’s just enough to get a sense of who she is, but to this point any trivia or interesting facts haven’t been too forthcoming.

1. She’s been active in the business since 2010.

Eight years is a decent amount of time to make a reputation, and now she has the rest of her career to make an impression.

She’s young, she’s got time.

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