10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hawaii Hunters

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hawaii Hunters

Hawaii Hunters

Most people find it hard to decide where they want to live and have to choose between buying, to rent, or to build a home. Your choice of a dream house and location is restricted by your budget, personal needs, family size, job location, and amount of leisure needed. The reality show “Hawaii Hunters” has made it easier for people interested in elegant housing facilities to find homes that suit their needs. It makes the dreams of living on the island of Hawaii easily attainable since properties range from $50K plots of land to $50 million-dollar dream homes in Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. It also allows homebuyers to tour around various homes before making their final decision. The following are facts you probably didn’t know about” Hawaii Hunters”;

1. It is highly ranked

The” Hawaii Hunters” is among the highest-rated reality show in the world and has gained fans not only from America but also in other continents. It has been ranked position 22, voted in by a total number of 1.30 million viewers on the HGVT show ranking. Most houses on the show are incredible with amazing sceneries of the beach thus are liked and has a significant number of viewers for their quality and appealing property. Being ranked as a top show has boosted the show’s confidence and has increased the number of episodes produced yearly to entice more viewers and increase popularity.

2. It is aired on the HGVT network

HGVT is an American Home and Garden television featuring reality programs that relate to real estates and home decorations. It is thus the perfect network to broadcast the “Hawaii Hunters” because it will attract only the relevant audience with an interest in home hunting, gardens, and home improvement. It is the third most-watched Television station in America and thus is ideal for getting to the broadest number of viewers for the property show. Since most people do considerable research on houses before making an actual decision, availing relevant information to the viewers is the main aim of HGVT network.

3. Running time is 30 minutes

The reality shows run for 30 minutes within which the primary goal of show casting houses and potential buyers is achieved. It is a considerable amount of time favoring those with busy schedules for they can easily stream online for a shorter period. A show that respects its audience’s time by showing a lot in a short period is of significant preference for it also prevents boredom.

4. Its producer is Left Right Productions

Druckerman and Tarver own the New York-based television production company, Left Right Productions. These are the great men behind the, well organized, planned and aired reality show on house hunters. They have been relentless in ensuring the viewers get the best house hunting experience hence have done great work from the first episode up-to-date. The production company prides itself in making both fiction and non-fiction shows, including documentaries and sitcoms according to Wikipedia.

5. It began in 2013

The first episode of the reality show got produced on January 1st, 2013. It first appeared on Television 6 years ago as an original idea that was not presented previously on television. It has successfully picked and compiled numerous episodes over the years. The show has been relevant and obtained essential feedback for the period it has been on the air. It has featured new house designs, diverse customer preferences, and excellent negotiation skills, thus which have facilitated its ability to gain an audience.

6. Buyers are the stars

In most reality shows, there are distinct characters involved. Surprisingly, “Hawaii Hunters” show has different styles in every episode because they feature buyers as their stars. Buyers spend most of their time on live cameras shooting scenes on Hawaii to let the audience of the program know more of the destination. It has no other characters other than buyers and real estate’s advisors. Clients move from one house to another, discussing the properties and making the appropriate decisions of the homes to buy.

7. It is a continuing show

Most real estate firms are also conversant with their operations and have entrusted them to bid their properties. They are producing more episodes and the 2019 -2020 season is still underway. With the continued support of willing buyers and sellers, the show is likely to last longer if well managed. The producers and the crew are working tirelessly to meet the expectations of their audience by taking feedbacks, corrections, concerns, and critics from all episodes to farther improve the viewer experience.

8. It is a real estate marketing strategy

The” Hawaii Hunters” reality show is a great marketing plan for most real estate firms in Hawaii. It indicates the prices of each house, the features, size of the house, facilities in the house, and the spectacular environment. It has a high viewership and thus reaches to a significant number of interested personnel. The primary objective of the show is to create awareness and entice more people to buy houses on the shores of the beautiful beaches.

9. Buyers appearing on the show get paid

The filming team is paid about $500 for being part of the show. The buyers are the main characters hence enjoy little allowances and payment for agreeing to appear on a real reality show. Appearance is voluntary, and the buyers also enjoy privileges like family dinners and daily onset snacks.

10. It is challenging to appear on the show “Hawaii Hunters.”

Since the show is top-rated, many people apply daily to take part in the show, but the chances of them being featured are minimal. They cannot showcase every interested buyer in the 30 minutes program. Usually, they select those who have already picked out their new house and have started the buying process. The move helps to distinguish serious buyers from joyriders who might only be interested in making a few quick dollars and receive their five minutes of fame.

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