10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cate Shortland

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cate Shortland

One might say that it seems as though it’s time for a lot of unknowns to start making their way out into the public eye, but in the case of Cate Shortland she’s been there and done that for a while now and it would seem that she’s finally starting to gain a little more prominence to a career that’s been building for a while and is already something strong enough to be proud of since she’s been doing her thing for quite some time. Her prominence in the movie industry is only to grow as the years roll on however, especially if her upcoming project is seen as something that can be used to inspire women to keep pushing for the kind of lives they want and to be seen as equals in the world. With that in mind it would seem that the MCU might be looking to add another director its stable and possibly gain even more perspective.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Cate.

10. She’s going to be directing the new Black Widow movie.

A lot of people already know that this movie is coming and they even have a hint of who the main villain is at this point, but much like Captain Marvel it already sounds as though there’s going to be a pretty noticeable feminine lean to the movie, largely because it will be looking at a female character and what she had to go through in order to gain the position she’s become so well known for.

9. Cate converted to Judiasm.

There are a lot of reasons why people convert from one faith to another or adopt a faith as their own and those reasons are usually pretty personal since they don’t get announced unless the individual in question wants to say a few words. Otherwise it’s a private matter.

8. She’s won quite a few awards during her career.

There’s nothing to say that she’s not a known individual in the industry since quite honestly Cate has racked up the awards and has been seen to be quite appreciated by those that have watched her movies. This would indicate that she’s probably a pretty good choice for this upcoming movie.

7. So far the movies she’s made have been fairly well received.

It’s likely that there are quite a few people that haven’t heard about the movies she’s made but that being the case there are still many that are willing to go out and look for something new and appreciate it when they find it.

6. It sounds as though she was handpicked by Scarlett Johansson to direct.

When an actor actually takes charge and actively seeks out someone that they believe can give a project the needed attention it’s a huge vote of confidence that no one in their right mind would likely refuse unless they had a good reason. The kind of recommendation one can get from a movie star is worth its weight in gold most times.

5. She was inspired to direct by other strong women.

We definitely live in an era when strong women are being highlighted and in many way it’s great since they’ve made their voices heard and shown what they can do in regards to the paths they choose. That being said Cate is one of many who are at this point taking on the roles they want in society and doing what they can to insure others that they are in fact worthy of the attention they’re getting.

4. Cate was picked out of a pool of 70 other directors.

When you figure out just how many other people are in line for the same job one has to wonder just what distinguishes one person out of the many. Sometimes it’s a matter of picking favorites and then paring them down, at others it’s just who knows who it would seem.

3. She’s directed a few other movies in her career.

Cate isn’t a newbie by any means as she’s done the work and put in the time to be where she’s at. The simple fact that some people haven’t heard of her could stem from the type of movies she’s made thus far.

2. It’s hard to tell if she has much of an online presence.

There’s no doubt that she has some sort of online presence but it’s very difficult to find. Some folks don’t mess with social media even if they’re in a position where it would help, and it’s hard to blame them really considering the downsides of being online continuously.

1. Her net worth is around $1.4 million.

She’s amassed a good amount of wealth at this point in her career and given that she’s going to be directing a movie that is highly anticipated it’s not hard to think that these numbers will go up.

People are already waiting to see what Black Widow will be like.Scarlett Johansson

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