10 Things You Didn’t Know about Spencer Crittenden

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Spencer Crittenden

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Spencer Crittenden

Some folks might look at Spencer Crittenden and see a walking, talking stereotype that many of them might snicker at and make fun of. What they don’t realize is that while he does exemplify the stereotypical D&D player in many ways he’s still a very intelligent and imaginative human being. Spencer has been playing D&D for over half of his life it sounds like and aside from looking like the typical individual that doesn’t get out much and might live with his parents he has showed a great deal of talent when interacting with like-minded people that enjoy the skills he can employ and put on display.

Here are a few things you might not know about him.

10. He’s been a DM for quite a while.

For those that don’t know, a DM is a Dungeon Master, which is the person that runs the game. They’re the most dangerous individual in the game since they control everything and hold the fate of the characters in their hands sometimes. They tell the story, sometimes they write the story, and they run the story. In a sense they are the god of the game in that they have dominion over everything. The best thing to never do in a game of D&D is tick off the DM, as they can do a number of things to you if they feel that you’re holding up the game.

9. It had been a year since he’d played D&D before watching the Harmontown podcast.

Every now and then even hardcore D&D lovers take a break away from the game, though a year is excessive since things can and do change with the game on occasion and catching back up can be a real pain in the butt. But apparently Spencer had a good reason for staying away.

8. He’s very antisocial.

Spencer is not a people person and has admitted this. He’s one of the many that don’t know how to fit into society and tends to close himself off to most people unless he really doesn’t have any choice in the matter. He’s not a grumpy kind of person, he just doesn’t like being around people all that much.

7. Fans of Harmontown really identify with him.

Thankfully the fans of Harmontown were those that felt much the same as Spencer did, that they just couldn’t connect with this world in a way and found D&D to be more to their liking as it allowed them to interact with others in a fantasy world where their actions were far less constrained and their imagination was allowed to take over.

6. He had to learn how to be adaptable for the show.

If you’ve ever played the game then you know a D&D session can go on for hours and hours without stopping. When he got up on stage however he had to confine himself to 15 to 30 minute bursts. This means that his descriptions and his storytelling had to adapt in order to meet the time constraints, which he did.

5. He’s not entirely confident in himself.

Spencer doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence as he has great ideas but isn’t ready to share them since he feels that they wouldn’t be well-received. It could be that he’s been rejected a time or two when he did share them or he just lacks enough self-esteem to think that he’s actually created something that people would want to see.

4. He’s expressed the desire to do a second season of Harmonquest.

This was surprising and uplifting since it meant that he had come out of his shell just a bit and finally decided to be a part of the world in his own way. It does help that he was doing something that he loves to do and that others were joining in and showing a sense of solidarity. D&D followers can tend to be a bit odd sometimes and keep their heads in the game a little too long but at the very least they’re able to come together for a good time.

3. He’s definitely an introvert.

Spencer is not an outgoing person. He prefers to be in his own little space without distractions and also doesn’t have much to do with anyone else. His mom was pretty surprised when he decided to go and see what Community was all about.

2. When he broke up with his girlfriend it messed with his head a little.

This could be one of the reasons why he withdrew from D&D for a bit since the DM tends to need their focus and to be able to tell the story without distractions. If Spencer wasn’t feeling up to it then he wouldn’t have done the other gamers any good.

1. Yes, he does live with his mom.

There’s not much to say really except that she doesn’t seem to mind and he doesn’t seem to cause any undue stress. Some grown men and women live with their parents, it is a thing.

At the very least Spencer seems to be living the way he wants.

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