10 Rick and Morty Theories That are All the Rage Right Now

10 Rick and Morty Theories That are All the Rage Right Now

Rick and Morty

My head literally starts hurting when I have to write about Rick and Morty. How this show is still popular to this day is a total head scratcher that I have yet to get around. Instead of continuing to fight it though I’m going to rattle off the ten theories that people seem to find the most interesting at this time about the show. Some of them are so outlandish that you’d think that fans would get dizzy just thinking about them, while others are so simplistic that it seems that the show’s creators simply have to build them up in an attempt to make them just as confusing and as convoluted as possible.

Here are the most popular theories from the show at this point.

10. Switching Ricks

This is focused more around Jerry to begin with than Rick. It goes from there that the Rick being seen in any given episode is not the Rick that people are used to but a Rick from a different dimension.

9. Rick is Morty.

There’s not much known about Rick’s youth, and the fact that he likes to time jump is a big red herring that seems to indicate that Morty is a youthful Rick that somehow becomes intelligent and clinically insane throughout time.

8. Tammy.

Everyone hates Tammy. That’s the premise of this theory to be honest. Yet somehow Rick is still to blame for the fact that Tammy killed his best friend.

7. The Gravity Falls Connection

A crossover is usually something to be either excited or anxious about. This connection speaks to a familiarity between Rick and Gravity Falls.

6. Rick knows he’s in a cartoon.

The fourth wall break is nothing new really in cartoons or movies. But Rick seems to know that he’s in a cartoon and could be a possible factor in his alcoholism since it implies that he has no control over his actions. Yet the creators say that this was just a little bit of fun.

5. Immort(y)ality.

So now Morty is immortal thanks to a serum that halted the aging process. His immortality is therefore a side effect of being healed with an unknown serum.

4. Multiverse Theory

Science might be one of the main plot points of Rick and Morty but academia has kind of blown it up save for a few small points that might actually have potential.

3. Still inside a simulation.

This indicates that the show is just a giant simulation that is not in the least bit real. There are a lot of holes that tend to tear this theory apart and confuse the heck out of fans and those of us that can only shake our heads at the mere mention of it.

2. Rick’s wife.

Now we’re being led to believe that an actually educational and fictional character, Mrs. Frizzle, was Rick’s wife because she had red hair. Oh-my-head.

1. Evil Morty.

The theory here is that evil Morty is the first sidekick of the original Rick. He abandoned his grandson for some reason that made him vengeful and quite angry.

Oy, I need a couple of Tylenol now.


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