10 Must Watch British Shows on Netflix

10 Must Watch British Shows on Netflix

Over the past few years, British television fans have been fortunate, courtesy of the Netflix partnerships with production studios like Channel 14 and BBC. The relationship has enabled the co-production and license of many series making them accessible for the first time. Though Netflix has rights to some classic procedurals, some sitcoms also show off their goofy British humor. Here are the top ten British series available to stream.

1. Behind Her Eyes – 2021

Behind Her Eyes is a Netflix miniseries based on a novel by Sarah Pinborough. The series has many twists. Though it’s not good, its payoff is delicious. Louise, a single mother, starts showing up in a psychiatrist’s office for a new job. However, she finds her new boss is a man she hooked up with the previous night. It is a trashy twist as they finally get involved in an illegal affair. The setup seems like a straightforward drama, which is partly precisely that. But you will be shocked to realize at the end what it is really about.

2. Bodyguard – 2018

It is the mandate of the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of the police service in London to deal with dangerous missions. Following David Budd, Bodyguard shows this job as a high risk, particularly protecting the Home Secretary of the UK. Though Budd should be committed to safeguarding the politician, he still moves from PTSD after getting done with Afghanistan. Bodyguard is a political thriller that illustrates Budd’s various costs, from his views to possible attacks and creating attraction for a lady whose strategies he is incapable of withstanding.

3. Black Mirror – 2011

Black Mirror is an addictive anthology, with each installment entailing a techno-social phenomenon. The topics which were once hashtags are now five-star ratings. Partially satire and partially prophetic, Black Mirror illustrates a view of the future. It will drive you to worry about the next generation and probably initiate you to take some actions. You can take an episode or the entire season without getting emotional or worried.

4. Broadchurch – 2013-2017

A young boy is murdered, which causes a media frenzy. The murder causes the division of an English coastal town that was once tightly knit. It also causes further disruption of order by an inspector who arrives to take on the crime. The arrival of the inspector annoys a local detective who was eyeing the job. All three seasons are all about the complicated personal lives of the main protagonists. Broadcast has a well-placed investigation that will make you cancel any party to click the next episode.

5. Call the Midwife – 2012

The British are good at doing period pieces, especially post-WWII. The series starts with the birth of a child at dawn, moving through according to history. The history aspect makes it be among the most popular shows on BBC One that goes for ten seasons and still stands firm. The series follows a group of midwives who seem to be the pinnacle of the drama. Even if you did not think of them like that, the series colorfully exposes some working-class women in the East End of London. It is all about their struggles and sociopolitical issues, from introducing contraception to legalizing abortion. Nonnatus House nurses always have something cooking, with the history buffs joining them.

6. Collateral – 2018

When you first look at Collateral, it may seem like just any other British procedural. But as you continue watching, it turns out to be something else. It is not mysterious as first Britain’s incision. But it is anchored by various powerful female characters, including Carey Mulligan, with a stunning performance as the leading detective of the case. The series is from David Hare, a screenwriter, and playwright, for his TV debut. It is about investigating the murder of a Syrian refugee who worked as a pizza delivery man. The case turns out to be more complicated than it seemed at first. In the first four episodes, the suit is analyzed alongside British politics. Collateral is a Netflix/BBC co-production whose final causes oppose tropes, raising its material to something bigger.

7. Crashing

Most sitcoms feature young people exposed to many resources. However, Crashing focuses on relationships that start in a shifting community at a neglected hospital. You will see Phoebe Waller-Bridge appearing before Fleabag. With only six episodes, it is lighthearted 20, which makes a comedy worth a binge.

8. Criminal: UK – 2019

It is with no doubt that the British are experts in crime shows. They are never tired of releasing more addictive detective stories, but that does not mean they are not interested in changing the genre. For instance, Criminal: the UK, an International Criminal series on Netflix, has a contemporary twist. Based on trickery, each episode shows investigators trying to fetch truth from suspects in an investigation room. Claustrophobia is accurate but not dull. The series is remarkably suspenseful hence displaying for you a psychological game.

9. The Crown

The Crown is an expensively made drama on Queen Elizabeth’s reign. As young as she was, she led the British Empire via political upheaval. Claire Foy is the starring playing as the Queen in the first and second season alongside Matt Smith playing Prince Philip. Tobias Menzies and Olivia Colman take the roles from the third season. The show’s soapiness is confident when it examines the personal life of the Queen. It is upped more when Princess Diana appears in the fourth season. Its opulence probably makes it the best right-life show on Netflix. The Crown will be more interesting and exciting for British period dramas and royalist porn fans.

10. Derry Girls – 2018

Most teen shows are suitable for laughs. But not many are as hysterical as Derry Girls. It is a Netflix/Channel 4 co-production based on Catholic schoolgirls living through the Northern Ireland Troubles. The series features their teenage troubles, which are outright hilarious. All casts have almost perfect quirks, and after a binge, you will consider the best fictional crew you have ever encountered.

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